Thursday, December 13, 2007

NORG, Edea, and Cid Kramer Profile Final Fantasy VIII

Edea Kramer
Edea Kramer is the Sorceress in Final fantasy VIII, she is the main enemy from disc.1 until the end of disc.2. At disc. 3 the truth is revealed, that she is being controlled by Ultimecia. At the first time she looks like very evil but lately in the game known that she has a warm heart. During controlled by Ultimecia, she take over are galbadians army and Garden. So the SeeD ordered to assassinate her. Edea also wife of Balamb Garden Headmaster, Cid. At the past time she was called Matron, when Squall and other party member stay at her orphanage. She also became a playable character during the journey to Esthar continent but unfortunately only for a short time. An accident in Esthar make her give her sorcery power to Rinoa and make Rinoa as a sorceress. Her normal attack use a burst of energy to strike the enemy. Her Limit Break called Ice Strike when she make a sprear made from ice in the air and then hit the enemy with that ice. We can see the FMV of her limit break when she hit Squall at the end of Disc.1.

Cid Kramer
Cid Kramer is headmaster of Balamb Garden. He is Edea's husband and after Edea's orphanage dissmisshed, he join with Garden Master NORG from Shumi Tribe to build a garden and make a squad called SeeD. When SeeD failed to assassinate Edea, there is a conflict between Cid and Garden Master NORG, this make a battle between the Normal Student of Balamb Garden who related to NORG and the SeeD who related to Cid. Almost all of Final fantasy series use name of Cid, but at Final fantasy VIII Cid role as a leader of the Garden who will watch over all of main character in the game.

Garden Master NORG
Garden Master NORG is the one who support the Garden Financial at first time. He was from Shumi Tribe and it's unknown how he meet Cid and built the Balamb Garden together. The party will meet him at the Balamb Garden Basement after Balamb escaping from Galbadia missile. You can draw Leviathan from him after his seal was destroyed.