Monday, March 31, 2008

Wakka Profile

Wakka is a boisterous young man, born on the Isle of Besaid. Although a generally kind person, he has rigid ideas of what should and should not be done, according to the master in the Temple of Yevon. He became the Coach and captain of the Blitzball team in his hometown, Besaid Beach. Wakka plan to withdraw from the sport after this year's tournament in order to devote himself completely to protect Yuna as a guardian.

His launches the Blitzball's ball are particularly effective against flying enemies . Wakka is a strong man with a religious beliefs and prejudices, but the journey around the world of Sphira will change his lives forever. Wakka hates everything that is sinful as machinery, Albhed, etc. In Final fantasy X, Wakka appear as one playable character. He also appear in Kingdom Heart series but at this game Wakka appear as NPC (Non Playable Character) with younger age than in Final Fantasy X game

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kimahri Ronso Profile

Kimahri Ronso is one of playable character in Final Fantasy X, he appear as warrior in Ronso races which have their home at Mount Gagazet. Because of the taunts and insults that he gave to the other others, as it was the horn on his head broken. This horn is a symbol of courage and strength between Ronso. While wandering by the side of the mountain he found a man dying. That man was Auron, one of the keepers of invoker Brashka, who had just defeated Sin. He asked Kimahri to protect Yuna, Daughter of Braska and take her into Besaid island located in the southern of Sphira and keep her safe and peaceful in there.

Ten years later, with the end of Serenity, and reappearance of the Sin, he decided to follow and protect Yuna and became one of her guardians, on their way traveling through Sphira to defeat Sin. He is silent and courageous, but he is a very loyal companion to other party member. He become a few survivor of Ronzo, since Seymour came into Zanarkand and cruelly murdered almost all inhabited in Mount Gagazet. He choose Halberd (Spear) as his weapon, he is quite useful character with his Jump and stealing technique.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rikku Profile

Rikku is one of the female playable character in both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, In Final Fantasy X she was the first person meet by Tidus after transported from parallel world. But they are separated until the party finally meet her in Rio de La Luna. At that time she decided to become the sixth and the last guardian who protecting Yuna. Rikku is the youngest party member, although her age was only 15 years old, she have a very useful ability to support the party like ability to use a bomb and also ability to steal or Mug.

She has blond hair and green eyes and her personality was cheerful and enthusiastic. Rikku is the daughter of Cid, the leader of Al bhed make her have a thief skills or alchemist particularly useful in fighting against enemies mechanized. She works hard to ensure that her people can regain the glory someday. In Final Fantasy X-2 he take an important role by supporting supporting Yuna. Together with Yuna and Paine, she works together to search about Tidus dimension and collect all Sphere that spread all around Sphira.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cerberus - Final Fantasy Summon Mythology

In Greek mythology, Cerberus, son of Typhoon and Equidna, was the guardian in the gates of Hades, the realm of the dead. In appearance, Cerberus was a gigantic size of a dog, which had three heads (or 50 according to different versions), a snake tail and on his back and thick layer of snakes heads. Its mission at the gates of the kingdom of the dead was to prevent any alive human being infiltrate in Hades realm, if needed, killed anyone who tried.

Only two person who able to go through Cerberus. First is Orpheus, who play beautiful music that able to sleep the dog and and step through into Hades to rescue his beloved, Eurydice. And Hercules, one of the twelve work given by commissioned Euristeus who must take Cerbero to Micenas. Once such a feat, Hercules was forced to return to the gates of Hades, because Euristeus was petrified to see such horror in his eyes. In Final Fantasy series, Cerberus appear as summon in Final Fantasy VIII and often appear as mob monster.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hades - Final Fantasy Summon Mythology

In Final Fantasy VII, Hades appear as one of the summons, and in Final Fantasy IX he appear as on of optional boss in Memoria that able to defeat. Hades refers to two mythological terms, both belonging to the Greek culture. The first is the place where the dead live, as in the Greek culture there is no difference between those who have done well and those who have done evil, unlike Christianity, that the split between Heaven and Hell . The second, and that interests us is the God of the dead. Hades, son of Cronos and Rea and therefore brother of Zeus and Poseidon. Together they defeated his father and divided the world, as you know Zeus rule the land, Poseidon at the sea, and Hades rule the Underworld.

According to the Greeks when a person dies, they conducted to Hades through a large lake Caronte, by the boatman. But before entering the Hades that person was judged by Minos, Radamantis and Eaco because they chose the path that they had to take the deceased. There were three possibilities: The Champs Elysees for those who acted good, plain Asphodels for those who are not well-behaved or not wrong, and the Tatar for wrongdoers, inhabited by the most evil creatures of the establishment. Hades is not an evil god. It's symbol is a helmet that gives invisibility to wearing it and a horn in his hand.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tiamat - Final Fantasy Game Mythology

Although not appear as one of the summons in Final Fantasy series but Tiamat often appear as boss monster that must beaten in almost all Final Fantasy series. In Final Fantasy series Tiamat often appear in dragon shaped creature but let's see what the myth tells about it.

The history of Tiamat was the protagonist is one that has most interested one, because in all Final Fantasy series Tiamat appear always as a Antagonist character. The myth itself deals with the creation of the world according to Babylon myth. According to them, before the creation of the world, there is only two gods: Tiamat and Apsu (female and male respectively), who had several children called giants. They decided to battle against their parents because win in numerical (almost same like the Greek myths, which there is a rebellion of this style). The Giants managed to defeat Apsu, his father, before he could react. When Tiamat know this her fury was grew beyond the known, and in her madness decided to create all sorts of creatures and monsters to stop her children .

The last giant who surviving which is most courageous among them, Marduk. In the final battle Marduk beat his mother and departed her in two. With the top half of Tiamat's body formed the sky and the lower part formed the earth below. Since then according to the Babylonian, the Giants belief live in the sky.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Minotaur - Final Fantasy Summon Mythology

In Greek mythology, the Minotaur was a monster half man and half bull. He was the son of Pasifae (the queen of Crete) and a beautiful Toro (yes, a bull). To become King Minos of Crete had to demonstrate that she was capable to do any deed. In these circumstances Minos asked Poseidon, the god of the Sea, which would leave a beautiful bull of the ocean. Poseidon accepted, but with the promise that Toro will sacrificed when leaving. The bull came out of the sea, and, because of this he became king, but the bull was so beautiful that it could not sacrifice. As punishment, Poseidon did his wife, Pasifae was angry (notice to minors, the party is still a little too much). In her madness Pasifae could not repress her sexual temptations with the beautiful bull and ordered to build a cow Dedalus wood, where Pasifae got to be having sex with such animal. From this Minotaur was born.

The Minotaur is a monster with the head of bull and the human body. When he learned what had happened, Minos sent him to a vast labyrinth Dedalus there to enclose the Minotaur, which would be fed by maids. After some time Teseo, a Greek hero entered the labyrinth equipped with a sword and a tangle of yarn that gave by Ariadne, the daughter of Minos who by that time had already been in love with Teseo. Teseo killed the Minotaur and Ariane confessed that there was almost no resistance. This is because the Minotaur could not understand why he was afraid of the people, since he had never seen his face, and the Minotaur wanted to end his existence and Teseo "helped" him. In Final Fantasy Series Minotaur appear in Final Fantasy VIII as one of the Guardian Force. In this game he appear as Brothers which is Sacred and Minotaur, and their ability was Lovely brother with earth element technique.

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