Friday, December 28, 2007

Amarant Coral Profile

Amarant Coral or Salamander coral (Japanese version) is the last party member joined with the party at Madain Sari. He only have two principal, the one who win, live and the one who lost, die. He have bad memory against Zidane in Treno Auction city. When Zidane sneak and steal in King's Mansion, the owner of Treno Waterfront Mansion and Zidane blame him as the thief to avoid the Guard of the mansion.

For the first time he called by Queen Brahne as well as Lani who work together with him to get back Garnet's pendant and assassinate Vivi. An event in Madain Sari make him duel one on one with Zidane and he lost. He ask Zidane to kill him and finish everything but Zidane refused and ask him to join. In Ipsen castle, he want to prove that working alone is better than goes with a team, but he fail. When he fall Zidane help him, after this scene his personalities change slowly because of Zidane influence.

He has a quite good skill, which is throw that allow you to throw certain weapon to use direct damage on an enemy, but it's not recomended to throw you good stuff even it can deal more damage. When he reaches his limit break you can use Chakra which has very strong attack and most of them deal 9999 direct damage.

Amarant's Music Theme