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Seifer, Fuujin, and Raijin Profile

Seifer Almasy
Seifer Almasy is classmate and Squall' rival, he only able to controlled during the Dollet mission, when SeeD exams begin. He appear as boss battle later in the game. During the introduction sequence, Seifer cuts on the left side of Squall's face with his gunblade, leaving a scar. Squall retaliates with a blow that leaves bar with a mirror Seifer scar. He is the leader of Balamb Garden's disciplinary committee with Fujin and Raijin.
After joining Ultimecia, becomes the leader of the Galbadian army. He have dated with Rinoa before she met Squall. Seifer also used Gunblade called "Hyperion." Squall's gunblade is greater and requires both hands, while Seifer's gunblade is lightweight and can be carried with one hand.
His Limit break called No Mercy. Later uses techniques of the most powerful Demon Slice and Bloodfest against the player. He also kill Odin in Lunatic Pandora with Zantetsuken Counter. Eventually, Fujin and Raijin leave him and he was defeated shortly thereafter. At the end of the game, Seifer is fishing at the Balamb Town Harbor and enjoying his time with Fujin and Raijin again.

Fujin is a young woman with pale skin, silver short hair with eye patch. She is a member of Balamb Garden's disciplinary committee with Seifer and Raijin, and the three of them form a close "seized", even though Seifer leaves SeeD. Fujin prefers to speak in concise sentences, often with a single word, such as "RAGE!", "LIES!", "MOVE". However, near the end of the game, she explains to Squall that she temporarily break ties with Seifer, due to his recent behavior. In the battle, Fujin exercises chakram and wind based Magic. Squaresoft take her name from the Japanese god of wind, FÅ«jin.

Raijin is a member of Balamb Garden's disciplinary committee with Seifer and Fujin, the three form a close "seized", as he calls it. He has a habit of ending his sentences with "you know". Like Fujin, he supports Seifer when he betrays SeeD and Balamb Garden. At the ending FMV, he celebrates when capture of a big fish until Fujin kicking him in the sea. In the battle, Raijin uses thunder based magic. Squaresoft take his name from the Japanese god of thunder, Raijin.

Liberi Fatali Music :

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Final Fantasy VII for PS3 ?

Many people have some argument of when Final Fantasy will remake for PS3. Even some people claim that they already know the release date for this game. But since no information from Square-Enix yet we only able to predict without know it.

As far we only able to see the opening CG preview that showed to prove PS3 quality, but that video was already used for ending in Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core that showed in video below.

Here is Tech-demo CG opening FFVII for PS3

Here is Ending of Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core

So when Final Fantasy VII remake will be released ? ONLY SQUARE-ENIX would know.

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Genesis Rhapsodos Profile

Genesis Rhapsodos is main enemy in Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core. He is mysterious first-class SOLDIER, he rebelled against Shinra and disappeared during the Wutai war. His birth is similar to Sephiroth, although it was not infused with the group of cells. He became Angeal's best friend when they were young, both joining SOLDIER together. It was not until after a sparring match with Sephiroth and Angeal (see the video here), Genesis started to show signs of having white hair and was weaker and more weaker every time.
It was during the Wutai war Genesis abducted and abandoned by Dr. Hollander to help him stop his degeneration, creating copies of Genesis using his DNA in people. He carried a book about Loveless, quoting lines of the goddess Minerva.
Eventually, Genesis saw his chances, survival to halt their degeneration in Jenova cells . However, the Nibelhiem incident eliminated any possibility, until he learned that Zack and Cloud also receive injections Jenova cells.
Despite that could halt the degeneration, Genesis was defeated by Zack. Shortly thereafter, the records of Genesis' existence erased and other unknown destination that his genetic makeup was emulated in the creation of the Deepground organization seen in Dirge of Cerberus, Weiss headed by himself.

In the ending of Dirge of Cerberus, Genesis seems carry Weiss body away and saying "it is not time to slumber, we still have much work to do, my little brother." Genesis' appearance was modeled by Gackt, a singer who sing Dirge of Cerberus theme song Redemption, who also expressed in the Japanese versions of Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core.

Redemption Music :

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Marlene and Denzel Profile

Marlene Profile
Marlene is the youngest daughter of Barrett's friend, Dyne and Eleanor. She adopted by Barrett after Dyne and Eleanor die during Corel's burning event and left with Elmyra during the game, she is kidnapped by Reeve. At the end of the game, which has been sent to Kalm by Reeve to keep it safe. In Advent Children, she live with Cloud, Tifa and an orphan named Denzel, while Barrett searching for new energy sources. In the Advent Children, her hair style is similar to Aerith, it is assumed that the ribbon that Marlene uses in her hair is, in fact is Aerith's ribbon.

Denzel Profile
Denzel a young boy brown hair. His role in this movie is minimal, but from a novel information Denzel parents, a worker Shinra, Abel and a woman named Chloe, it was stated that they are died during the Sector 7 destruction Final Fantasy VII. Before his death, Abel appointed a Denzel Inhabitant Sector 5 named Arkham, and then was raised by Ruvie Tuesti, Reeve's mother. When Ruvie dies in the chaos resulting from Lifestream burst at the end of Final Fantasy VII, Denzel sit in the ruins of Midgar. Rix, a new friend, which helps gather materials for the construction of the new town, Edge. Rix finally leaves Denzel, which is vague and eventually found by Tifa.

Aerith Theme Music :

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The Tsviest Profile

The Tsviets are the main enemy in Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus. They are the elite squad at the highest level within Deepground and control all command for another member of Deepgrounds. Five members appear in the single player mode of the game, and less a member appears in the online mode.

Weiss The Imaculate
Weiss the Immaculate is the leader of elite Tsviets Deepground. He fight with two swords in both of his hand and has all the capabilities of other Tsviets, with the exception of darkness and Nero Blue metamorphosis. He is controlled by the Hojo digitized account memory, which invaded his body after Weiss' Synaptic Net Dive "way of trying to find a cure for the Restrictors' infected by the virus. He was eventually defeated by Vincent, but in the game ending sequence, his body was taken by awakened Genesis, which deals with Weiss as his "brother" and saying that "it is not yet time to rest" , and that "We still have much work to do."

Nero the Sable
Nero the Sable is a 23-year-old and the second member of the Tsviets, whose face is always obscured. It was Weiss' younger brother and can control the darkness as the only successful experience of stagnation mako injected into the fetus. The secret leads Deepground under Weiss' name after the unification of the organization, when Weiss' status becomes clear in the rest of Deepground soldiers. He can transform into Spider, as Arachnero. Eventually merges with Weiss to free the latter from Hojo's control. It should be noted that both Nero and the mysterious Genesis call "Weiss" as 'brother '.

Rosso the Crimson
Rosso the Crimson is a red dress, psychotic 25-year-old, and the third woman recruited by The Tsviets. She battles with her double white weapon, capable of bursts and gunfire. Rosso moves with the elegance and speed of lightning and it does not matter if she kills friends or enemies to win. Although there are several meetings with her in the game, and also we can see when Avalanche attacking Midgard she fight with Cloud, but Vincent was the one and only person that beat her. She tries, but failure, to cause the death of both herself and Vincent by collapse of a building, rather than letting defeated by Vincent.

Shelke the Transparent
Shelke the Transparent is an 19 years old, trapped by mako for 9 years and the fourth recruits by The Tsviets. She has electromagnetic fight ability with two swords, and has a special capability called SND (Synaptic Net Dive), which allows you to project an image of the same residual within a computer network. She is originally emotionless, also latter in The game she also mentioned as Shalua Rui's younger sister, and is referred to as Shelke Rui credits at the end of the game. Shelke main job was locating Vincent Valentine. However, Shelke's body does not allow her struggle for a long time and without the Mako stations in Deepgound help, she will tires quickly.

Azul the Cerulian
Azul the Cerulian first appeared in Before Crisis as a man who wanted to be SOLDIER. He love battle. As the largest of the Tsviets, Azul uses a large barrel. He is one of three Tsviets before the Metamorphose experiment, enabling him to become the monstrous Blue Arch. He battle with Vincent three times during the game and finally killed when Vincent in the form Chaos, impales him with his own gun.

Dirge of Cerberus Music Theme :

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Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz Profile

Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz is the main villain character of Final Fantasy VII : Advent children, even not clear who and how they obtain their power and where they are come from. Their main goal is to revive Genova ( Sephiroth ) which they called as their "Mother" (Kazaan) and make their "Reunion". At the end of the movie they beaten by Cloud, however only Kadaj that has absorb Genova cell's and he become Sephiroth avatar.

Kadaj is the medium-haired, cruel and vengeful young leader. He fights with a double-bladed katana called "Souba", and has a materia embedded in his arm, which he use to summon the Bahamut in the . Kadaj serves as Sephiroth's avatar when he acquires and absorbs Jenova's cells into his body.
Kadaj and his Double edge Katana

Yazoo is the long-haired, calm Remnant who specializes in firearms, wielding a "Velvet Nightmare" gun. He shoots Cloud, intending to bring him to the Promised Land with them, before he and Loz die in an explosion of excessive materia at top the Shinra headquarters. Somehow we can see some simillar of his weapon looks like Gunblade that used by Seifer or Squall in Final Fantasy VIII.
Yazoo and his Gunblade
Loz is the short-haired, broad and violent Remnant who fights primarily with a pile bunker called "Dual Hound". He duels Tifa in Aerith's church. He also have a match with Rude in Town Square when Kadaj summons Bahamut even Rude is no match with him.
Loz and his Dual Hound

Advent Children : One Winged Angel Music :

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Genova Final Fantasy VII

Genova is a creature from outer space, It come with a meteor to the Final fantasy VII world. That's happen long time before Final Fantasy VII event. At that time the population of the Planet dominated by Cetra, a human race who have incredible ability. Genova start to destroy the cetra. The last Cetra sealed it in the Northern Crater, when it finally found by Shinra Corp.
Hojo together with Lucrecia Crescent do research of Genova and unrepresentative it as the last Cetra, Hojo inject the Genova cell to his unborn child on Lucretia Crescent Womb and that child is Sephiroth. Genova appear in a woman shape, at Final Fantasy series although it's still unknown until this time. Sephiroth take it's head in Nibelheim mako reactor, before he beaten by Cloud and falling down into Lifestream together with Genova head.
After all the thing happen to Final fantasy VII, we can simply say that Genova is the main enemy of Final Fantasy VII, although it didn't attack the player directly but it's the main "Trouble Maker" of this game series

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Zack Fair Profile

Zack become Main character in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

Zack was born in Gongaga, where he spent his early years before he joined the forces of militant Shinra in the age of 14 and under Angeal Hewley division, for the next four years to become a member of SOLDIER.

Zack and Angeal

After the Wutai war, Zack is sent to Wutai with Angeal and Sephiroth to learn about Genesis, SOLDIER who went missing without any trace in Wutai Mission. They find that Genesis has become a traitor, and must be stopped at all costs.

After the mission, Zack inherits the Buster Sword belonging to Angeal. He is assigned to Nibelheim with Sephiroth to investigate the nearby reactor Mako. They are accompanied by two soldiers, one of them is the future of friend Zack, Cloud Strife. While in the city, Sephiroth's visits Shinra Mansion and uncover documents that he misunderstood. Then lead him to believe that he is the son of Jenova, and he was the last Cetra that shown by his ability that beyond human.

Sephiroth goes mad and destroyed the city, killing most of its people. Zack went to Mako reactors and fight Sephiroth in a duel, but after a long battle, Sephiroth defeats him. Sephiroth enters the deepest part of the reactor, nearing a settlement tank contain Jenova. Suddenly, Cloud appears behind him and stabs him with Zack's Buster Sword .

Zack Vs. Sephiroth

Cloud tries to quit, but Sephiroth arises from the interior of the reactor with Jenova's head. This time, Cloud was stabbed by Sephiroth wih his Masamune, but finally he able to beat Sephiroth. Sephiroth falls to his apparent death. Cloud and Zack are captured and tested, and try to escape. Zack heads to his hometown, but is faced by Genesis and a visible degenerating Dr. Hollander. Genesis stole some of Zack's hair that contain "S" or "Jenova" cells.

Zack spoke with white hair Angeal and discovers that is a copy of the original Angeal. He reveals himself to be Larzard, the chief executive of the missing SOLDIER. He was injected with Angeal cells, which caused him to become a clone. Zack asked about his next move should be, and Larzard said it needed to find Genesis. Genesis hiding in a crystal cave. Genesis reveals what his real intention was, and he transforms into a giant horse. Zack defeats Genesis, and that changes in his original and battling with Zack again. After being defeated again, Genesis sees the goddess Minerva and offers his hand, but she refuses and Genesis absorbed by Lifestream. Zack out of the cave with Genesis to find Cloud and Larzard.

Larzard tells to fought against the Shinra soldiers to protect Cloud, and then he dies. Genesis Zack said that Angeal's dream has come true. Shortly thereafter, Zack finds a letter from Aerith. The letter said that it had been four years since she saw Zack, and that this is his final, eighty-ninth letter to him. Zack is confused, and he realizes that he and Cloud were in the Shinra mansion for four years. A machine to crush Shinra approaches, so that Zack escapes with Cloud, leaving Genesis behind.

In Midgar, Tseng orders Turks to find Zack before making Shinra soldiers, hoping to save them. As it nears the Wastelands, Zack and Cloud hidden preparing to fight. In the final battle, Zack was mortally wounded in the chest. Shortly thereafter, Cloud embedded outside its vegetative state, but has poisoned by Mako. He approaches Zack, Cloud pull his head in the chest, Zack gives his Buster Sword and tells him to survive. Zack then dies, and Cloud, Even with a huge burden on his heart, and later through Zack bids him farewell, and he takes the Buster Sword and walk towards Midgar, looking for work as mercenary as Zack. In the end Zack says that he "Finally be a Hero".

Final Fantasy VII
Much of Final Fantasy VII, Zack story revolves around Cloud to recover his memory, to accept his true identities rather than relying on its built "Zack" personality, and to validate himself in a world that has rejected him. When part of playable characters visits now depressed city of Gongaga, learn which is the hometown Zack. Aerith also reveals that at a time when Zack was her first boyfriend, and Cloud resembles him.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

Zack appears on the majority of new flashbacks throughout Advent Children. Zack's death is one of the main reasons why the cloud isolated himslef from his other friends and his feelings about the results of the fight against Kadaj and his two brothers. Zack speaks to Cloud when temporarily enters the Lifestream, saying it is not your time to die yet. Zack waves goodbye to Cloud, returning to the light with Aerith after Cloud was resurrected.

Final Fantasy VII Last Order

In a slightly different retelling, Zack and Cloud are recovered by the forces of Shinra and kept in prison. They are subjected against their will to biological experiments with genetic material from Jenova, under the supervision of Professor Hojo. Eventually, both of Zack and Cloud try to escape. Zack gives some of his clothes to Cloud and they transport to Midgar. During this time, Cloud is weak, groggy and slightly delirious. However, Zack talks continuously, which no response from Cloud, on his life and his plans to become a mercenary in Midgar and become rich. When they finally arrived outside Midgar, Shinra's security forces who have been searching for them finally catch up. They try to detain the prisoners escaped, but Zack fights to defend both Cloud and himself. Shinra troops caught with Zack and Cloud later, and Zack was killed by sniper Shinra. The troops left Cloud for dead after seeing her vegetative state. However, Cloud achieved recover. The combined weight of all these traumas finally makes brooch, and Cloud takes zack's personalities, combined with his own (this was something caused by Jenova cells therein). He believes that was a success in joining SOLDIER, and meet the role of Zack in the fateful mission in Nibelheim. Cloud took Zack Buster's Sword and go to Midgard.

Other appearance in Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring
Zack is a character in the PlayStation version of Ehrgeiz, functioning more or less as a boss exchange with Cloud. In the arcade, there are front and minigame events.

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Sephiroth Profile

Sephiroth is main villain character of Final Fantasy VII known to be the most powerful member of SOLDIER ever, and reach to that rank at an early age. After a traumatic event in which he learned what he supposed to be its true origin, which left SOLDIER, in conjunction with plans to become a god. His plan is injure the planet using the Meteor and then absorbing Lifestream to heal the damage. He manipulates Cloud (and the all of Cloud's group member) during the game, as well as he kill Aerith. Sephiroth is also a party member for a very short time (in a flashback sequence on the mission in Nibelheim), which however is totally Controlled by Computer, and unable to change all of his equipment and materia. He also only use one sword which is Masamune.

Sephiroth appear around 30 years before the start of the game. Professor Hojo and Lucrecia, two employees of Shinra, one of whom participated in the "Jenova Project, a study of the Remains of a being known as Jenova. Wishing to study the effects of Jenova cells of a human subject. Hojo voluntarily Lucrecia and her unborn child to experiment, which is injected with Jenova cells while still in the womb. After his birth, Sephiroth was raised by Shinra, having been informed that "Jenova" was his mother, but without the knowledge of who or what Jenova was. With superhuman capabilities acquired in the Jenova Project experiments Sephiroth showed inhuman strength and speed at an early age, Sephiroth became a member of an elite SOLDIER, with the highlight of his career in Midgar - Wutai war. One year after the war, was aided by his fellow 1 st-class SOLDIERs Zack Fair and Angeal on a mission to deal with rogue traders SOLDIER Genesis, and not rely on Angeal. Soon after completing the mission, he and Zack were sent to investigate a reactor Mako in Nibelheim. It was there that Sephiroth revealed its ugly origins as an experiment and integral role in the Jenova Project and misinterprated this to believe that he is the last Cetra and humans were the cause of their "extinction". This information is corrupted to the point of madness emotionally driven, he begin to burn all of Nibelheim City and go to mako reactor to release Genova

Zack pursued Sephiroth and arrived at the reactor in an attempt to stop him. Although finally releasing Jenova, Sephiroth was caught off guard and stabbed by Cloud, who was armed with Zack Buster's Sword and a thirst for vengeance for what Sephiroth did to his hometown.

In the end, Sephiroth fell off the bridge and into the Lifestream later (while Final Fantasy VII provides that Cloud threw Sephiroth on the edge, Last Order was regarded as Sephiroth jumped off the reactor from the edge of his own volition). Considered dead, Sephiroth traveled the Lifestream, learning the truth of Jenova of nature, before ending up in the north of the cave sealed in Mako while absorbing Jenova's head and the wisdom of the Cetra.

Notions of Sephiroth the apparent death were put to question when Cloud and company were arrive at Shin-Ra's headquarters. A trail of blood was left by a mysterious third party that has devastated the plant. Cloud found murdered on President, impaled by a sword confirmed belonged to Sephiroth. However, "Sephiroth" was really Jenova body assumed by Sephiroth will and remolded his image as the puppet, in order to find and retrieve the "Sephiroth Clones", people who had undergone the same procedure injection Hojo cells as Sephiroth to demonstrate the Jenova Reunion Theory.

Sephiroth's goal, revealed later in the Temple of the Ancients, was on the run from their planet of energy with the help of the Black Materia power, to call Meteor. Aerith Gainsborough, the last Cetra, tried to stop it with her White Materia and its defensive power. Although Aerith succeeded in convening the Holy, Sephiroth appeared and killed before she could fully activate, leaving blank Materia active but unused. Cloud won the Black Materia, but was emotionally manipulated by Sephiroth, then cast Meteor and expected arrival in Northern crater where he was sealed.

At the climax of story, the barrier is penetrated by Shinra's Mako, which allows Cloud and the rest of AVALANCHE descend into North Crater to deal with him. Sephiroth first appeared to as Bizzaro Sephiroth, before he molted leave their cocoon as Safer Sephiroth. With the destruction of their physical body, Sephiroth's spirit made a final assault to mental Cloud in the Lifestream, trying to overcome his will, once again, and claim Cloud body as him. However, Cloud has rediscovered himself and, therefore, his inner strength has grown to the point where Sephiroth no longer had any influence on him. After an intense battle, Cloud finally defeat Sephiroth.Sephiroth is destroyed by Cloud at the end of the game, however, resumed for a short time in the aftermath of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, When Kadaj absorb the Genova cell and become Sephiroth avatar even he defeated once again by Cloud. However, he warns that Cloud "Never be a memory," indicating that he will again be challenging Cloud.

Sephiroth Other Appearance in Final fantasy VII Compilation

Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children
In the film Advent Children, which has been two years after the defeat of Sephiroth, and a condition called Geostigma has spread throughout the world, affecting many patients with symptoms of extreme fatigue, open sores on the skin. The lone Cloud is now faced with a strange trio of brothers silver hair, which are the remnants of Sephiroth, the physical manifestations of Sephiroth on the willingness and spiritual energy. His powerful was allowed to bear the Lifestream and leave it before being fully diluted.
The leader is the younger brother Kadaj, which later transformed into Sephiroth after absorbing the contents of a case containing Jenova cells. After his resurrection, Sephiroth reveals that he has been using Geostigma in a scheme to corrupt the Lifestream and give control of the entire planet. He then down in another planet, thus re-enacting Jenova's goal. Sephiroth shows different powers beyond those of the other characters that appear in the film as flight takeoff and cause a huge effort cut section of the tower building Shinra, and even calling the "tainted Lifestream" with a mere wave of his hand to cover the sky. Despite being outmatched finally Cloud defeats Sephiroth with his new Omnislash Limit Break. His last words before the Cloud dissipating, "... never going to be a memory" could be interpreted as meaning that, despite his remains returned to the Lifestream and spirit diluted Sephiroth never really has been and will continue exist in a way or another.

Final Fantasy VII : Last Order
Sephiroth also appear in Final fantasy VII : Last order, an anime movie that tell Cloud past story, this anime also adapted by Square-Enix to create Final fantasy VII prequel which is Crisis Core.

Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core
In this Final Fantasy Game, for the half of the game, Sephiroth still be a good man, known as legendary hero of SOLDIER and become SOLDIER elite member. But when reached Nibelheim, and find the truth about who excatly he is he start hatred Shin-Ra. And begin to run his evil Plant, however he defeated by Cloud at that time

Final Fantasy VII : Before Crisis
Sephiroth also appear in Final fantasy VII : Before Crisis, in this game he totally be a hero that help the Turks protect Shin-Ra and stop AVALANCHE plan (AVALANCHE at that time full with a bad guy, not like AVALANCHE in Final Fantasy VII that finally be a hero)

Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus
Sephiroth appear in a very short scenes in Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus

Other Appearance
Sephiroth also appear in Kingdom heart and Kingdom Heart II with his One Winged Angel and Holding his long sword masamune. Sephiroth appearance also comes in the game Itadaki Street Special, where Sephiroth appears as a playable character along with Cloud, Tifa and Aerith Final Fantasy VII. However, it must be unlocked.

One Winged Angel Theme :

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Selphie Tilmitt Profile

Selphie Tilmit (Selphie Tillmit) is one of the protagonists in the RPG Final Fantasy games made by SquareEnix. Appears in the Final Fantasy VIII, as an apprentice SeeD of Trabia Garden, known to the rest of characters in examining graduation for SeeDs. She is the second character that meets during the history of FF8. She is 17 years . Early in the game, Selphie clashes with Squall in a corridor of the Balamb Garden. In Dollet, she was used as a messenger, but after Seifer leave the party, Selphie take over his place and Join with Squall and Zell

Selphie when first meet in Dollet
She is active and strong, but a bit clumsy, but very serious in his work, respectful and polite with her superiors. Despite appearing defenseless, Selphie is actually a formidable and determined fighter. Although physical level is less than warriors as Squall and Zell. When Selphie's HP are minimized, in fact, She can use her Limit, Slots, thanks to the technique which can use the same magic for more ordinary times, or use a special "The End" spell. Techniques special secondary Selphie are 4 spells that can be used only by you and by no other character of FF8. The technique special Selphie is the use of random spells, which are repeated at most 5 times (as many times as is random spells). . She participates in many extracurricular activities, such as planning and Garden Festival, as well as Garden's website that is constantly updated.. She uses nunchaku in battle, and Limit Break is slot, which allows the player to cast a spell at random on numerous occasions. When Galbadia missile launchers in Trabia Garden, which reacts with outrage and helps destroy the missile base. Throughout the game, she returns to her proximity to children Irvine, who serves as his co-pilot in Ragnarok. Selphie maintains a close relationship with Irvine Kinneas, SeeD Garden of Galbadia, but nothing ever happens.

Selphie was the second character Nomura draw after Squall, intentionally giving it an impractical hairstyle. When initially designed Selphie, Nomura noted in his overol. However, He realized that none of the characters are wearing a skirt. In the end, he gave Selphie a mini skirt and let Quistis have pants. In the series Kingdom Hearts, Nomura included a younger version of Selphie as a resident of Destiny Islands

Final Fantasy VIII Music :

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Irvine Kinneas Profile

Irvine Kineas is one of the most interesting characters in the RPG game Final Fantasy VIII. He is a student at Galbadia Garden, one of the three mercenary academies in the game. He is one of the Garden's elite sharpshooters, always carrying his rifle. His Limit Break is Shot, which deals damage and inflicts status effects depending on the type of ammunition, although perhaps more famous for his passion for the girls and for his constant and funny moments.
Irvine is depicted as a cowboy, tall and fair-skinned with long brown hair that he wears withdrawn in a ponytail. Irvine looks like a young frivolous and indifferent, which only serves what is interesting; But underneath that mask, hides a guy with great sensitivity and an inordinate sense of protection and accountability. He also likes to flirt with the female characters, as well as being known for his shooting as his charm. He acts like a carefree, but lonely misunderstood; However, this is no more than a facade charm to women and to hide his lack of confidence. Since Irvine is presented to the group, he starts with all the girls insinuarse without any exception, but after "presented" to Selphie Tilmitt seems that he change, slowly but sure.

Irvine Kinneas at first meet in Galbadia

When Sorceress Edea becomes the Galbadian ambassador, Squall order to assassinate her. Irvine is presented as the sniper of the mission. Moments before the assassination attempt, explained Squall who always chokes under pressure. In Trabia Garden, Irvine reveals that he and most other party members had lived in the same orphanage, directed by Cid and Edea Kramer. However, others could not remember this because of its use of Guardian Forces (GF), magical beings that cause serious long-term memory loss as a side effect. Irvine, because he had not used a GF until he joined the party, he is able to recall its past. During the game, Irvine gradually approaching Selphie, in the sense that it has been since he lived with her in the orphanage.
Irvine's Limit Breaks is "Shot", this is to shoot repeatedly, in a time interval, a type of bullet previously chosen with a value greater than usual aggressive. All bullets that can be achieved with the ability "ammunition" Ifrit, Or even simpler, you can buy in the shops.
With Irvine, Nomura tried to find a balance between not overshadowing Squall and not become too unattractive. He gave a handsome appearance to Irvine, but an occasional personality, in the hope that this would make it less attractive than Squall. Continuing with this idea, Nomura gave him glasses. However, this idea was abandoned in favor of an American cowboy, like appearance to set him apart from other goggle-using characters from the Final Fantasy series

Final Fantasy VIII Music :

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Quitis Trepe Profile

Quistis Trepe is one of my favorite female character in Final Fantasy VII other than Rinoa. She has very great ability, because of her ability she became member of SeeD at 15 years old and she able to reach instructor position of SeeD in Balamb garden at 17 years old. She uses a chain whip in the battle and Limit Break "Blue Magic" which allows you to mimic monsters' attacks. Unlike his appearances calm and bold, she is known to be difficult to deal with her disappointments. Emotionally, Quistis is insecure and prone to depression, though she tries to maintain a calm person. Early in the game, Quistis remain as an instructor because she leadership qualities. " Later, she maintains a more informal relationship with the other characters as a member of SeeD.
First meet with Quistis in Balamb Garden

Quistis stayed in an orphanage with most of the main characters in her child story. Then she lived with his adoptive parents, with never developed in any intimacy, before moving to Balamb Garden at the age of ten. She became a SeeD member at fifteen years and became instructor two years later. Quistis initially joins Squall to prepare for his next exam on the ground. Subsequently, making Squall in his confidence and told him personally on their degradation. She lost most of her memories because same like other character, when they trained in Balamb Garden, for pay that used GF's in the battle they should lost their memories replaced with GF's abilities. When Irvine updates the main characters of memory on the orphanage, she remember that Squall's antisocial behavior began when Ellone. Squall figure an elder sister , unexpectedly left the orphanage. As a result of these revelations, Quistis acknowledges that her feelings are more than Squall's sister. Later, she criticizes when Squall nearly abandoned Rinoa, his romantic interest.

The design of the characters, Tetsuya Nomura wanted at least one woman to wear a skirt. Quistis was initially supposed to fill this part, but Nomura decided a long skirt pants that she used for more than a better image. The role was finally passed to Selphie. Nomura was surprised when the writers cast her as a teacher, despite being about the same age as the rest of the group.

Quistis without her glasses

Later after the credit roll in Final Fantasy VII ending game, we can see Quistis without her glasses. She looks very nice with party dress and without glasses.

Final Fantasy VII Music :

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Zell Dincht Profille

Same like other Final Fantasy VIII character, Zell also start his appearance (or maybe one and only appearance) in Final Fantasy VIII. Surely he is one of the most charismatic of the game. It has an impulsive nature that often leads him to combine some trouble.

Zell Dincht

Even just come in the group, during a mission, in front of the live camera, he tell that he is a SeeD of the Balamb Garden and this will lead the academy in grave danger.

He spent his childhood same as other character, after the end of the war with the witch, in Edea's orphanage, where at the age of 5 years was adopted by the family Dincht. In the game Zell live with the mother in a modest house of Balamb town and towards the end of the game we will finally see his room, he is very proud of it.

First meet with Zell in Balamb Garden

He studies at the Balamb Garden to become a brave warrior as was his grandfather. Here at the Garden, Zell known like two things which is loves the library and sandwiches at the table, so good that rarely succeeds in rimediarne someone. . Another sign is the odd tattoo that covers half the face.
Zell Room

Its only weapons are his fists and his dowry will be very convenient when you find all disarmed in Galbadia prison. Zell quickly became famous, thanks to his skill in martial arts and quite popular among girls. In fact, the girl Student in library of Balamb Garden is in love with him.
To combat he uses his fists and gloves to increase his ability to attack also some book to do some of new martial arts.

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