Friday, April 18, 2008

Lord Braska Profile

Braska is one of the character in Final Fantasy X, He has a calm and gentle nature and is a firm in his determination to defeat Sin. Braska is Yuna's father and a summoner who defeated Sin and brought calm for ten years before the main events in Final Fantasy X. Because of this he was given a title as a High Summoner. Braska was married to Cid's sister. This relation was strongly disapproves, especially by Cid, but when Yuna born, these tensions faded.

When his wife died at the hands of Sin, Braska decided to become a summoner and undertook a pilgrimage with his guardians Auron and Jecht to defeat Sin. People were initially skeptical about his guardian and his ability to defeat Sin, but against all odds and succeeded Braska brought calm to Spira, while giving his life after his last battle against Sin. Braska does not appear as a character in the game, but it is often referred to like statue or a symbol, and can be seen from at the several areas that the player can be found throughout the game. He shown dressed in long flowing robes with a head ornament.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Jecht Profile

Jecht is one of non playable character in Final Fantasy X game, He is Tidus' father and they will be fight near the end of the game.He is a blitzball celebrity in his hometown of Zanarkand. Jecht is tall, surly, muscular, a bit arrogance and he have problems with alcoholism.

Jecht was summoned by magic from a replica of Zanarkand (Zanarkand Dreams), created one thousand years before the events of Final Fantasy X, at that time there's waging a war between Zanarkand and Bevelle. It was started by the leader of Zanarkand, summoner Yevon, which uses the memory of those who live in Zanarkand - fayth. As a result, Jecht and her son, Tidus dreams of the fayth. Yevon also created a malevolent whale shaped creature called "Sin" to protect him, and fayth at the Dream Zanarkand.

Before Final Fantasy X, Jecht was carried into Spira by Sin. It occurs along Final Fantasy X, Jecht and Auron accompanied Lord Braska (Yuna's father). Braska became the tutor and the leader on the road to defeat Sin. Jecht tendency to drink led him into trouble, and left for fear that his family was ashamed of him. Upon arrival in Zanarkand, Jecht gave his life to become the Final Aeon Braska, who defeated sin for 10 years. As the result, he became the new sin. Near the end of the game, which used to immobilize without this weakness. Tidus and his groups finally defeat him and make peace with his father. Yu Yevon is subsequently destroyed, sending Jecht and Tidus to the Farplane, which reconcile.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Paine Profile

Paine, is one of three playable character in Final Fantasy X-2 besides Rikku and Yuna, In Final Fantasy series she only appears in Final Fantasy X-2. She's eighteen years old girls, and used a sword to fight, she has cold personality but great respect to another party member.

In Final Fantasy X-2 secondary missions, the player can pick up spheres around world of Sphira called "Crimson Sphere." These Sphere tells Paine's experiences as a warrior fighter for the Crimson squad, which is intended to be an elite unit to became Crusaders, the best members who will be assigned to lead the Crusaders through the world of Spira. These spheres show that Paine was in the same group with Nooj, Baralai and Gippal, the leaders of the Youth League, New Yevon and the Machine Faction, at the game time.

Most ofBrigade of the candidates of Crimson Squad died during the group's final field exercise, which took place in a cave under the Mushroom Rock Road called "Woe to the Den." This followed as a result of the overwhelming fireflies in the cave with the desperation of the unsent called "Shuyin", causing the member on the squad fighting another member. Only Nooj, Baralai, Gippal, and Paine escaped alive, but later, Nooj ( possessed by Shuyin ) shot his friends, this make their friendship end for two years. Shortly before Paine join Yuna's group , Paine enlisted in the Gullwings in the hope of finding out more about why the Crimson squad has been slaughtered, and because she has long desired to fly in an airship.

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