Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Quina Queen Profile

Quina Queen is one of eight playable character in Final Fantasy IX. The party meet her (or him??) in Qu's Marsh, when she attempt to catch some frog. She joined the party if visit Qu's Marsh and you can choose to invite her or not during journey to Cleyra, but she must join the party when you attempt to go to Outer Continent.

She has only two principal, the thing that can eat and the the thing that couldn't. She join the group to taste all food from all area in Gaia. Her ability obtained by skill eat on certain enemies and will appear on her Blue Magic ability. Her master, Quale have a relation with Vivi's master Quan. Later in the game Zidane, Vivi, and Quina can visit Quan's Dwelling and Quan's Ghost will appear. Quan commends both Vivi and Quina for their vivid, valuable imaginations and reprimands Quale for seeing the world too literally. At this point Quina fully understands what it's gotten out of traveling with Zidane to find out the meaning of her life and not just eat some foods.

Quina's Music Theme