Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Shalua Rui and Reeve Tuesti Profile

Reeve Tuesti
Reeve Tuesti is a Head of the Urban Development Department, a job that in her own words makes it responsible for the construction and operation of Midgar, He concern for the damage and reconstruction costs after Shinra collapsed Sector 7 plate. He has the task of overseeing the construction of Midgar higher and greater recognition of the architectural vision of the Shinra. He used Cait Sith as a way to spy for him, and later in support of AVALANCHE. Reeve plays an important role in Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus as a founded the World Restoration Organization (WRO), an organization dedicated to the regeneration of the environment on the planet after the collapse of the Shinra Company, he also give a great help to Vincent in the game.

Shalua Rui
Shalua Rui is a woman scientist, which first appeared in a small role in Final Fantasy VII : Before Crisis. But appear in a very important role in Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus, as a WRO scientist with a prosthetic left arm, which serves as its life-support system, and a missing left eye. Shalua is a workaholic, and her main goal is search for her sister, Shelke who have become one of The Tsviets member. After their meeting, the heart was broken over what her little sister had blamed her. To compensate, she helped Shelke to escape, in exchange for her life. She is also the one who made Barrett's gun arm.