Thursday, December 27, 2007

Eiko Carol Profile

Eiko Carol is the last two summoner who survived from Garland attack in Madain Sari. When Garland attack the village her parents wasn't there, and they are come back to Mandain Sari several time later. Her parents dies, and she was raised by her grandfather, but he dies also several time later. After that she was raised by a group of Moogle and she has a guardian Moogle which is Mog, later in the game Mog turns into Ribbon and its allow Eiko to learn Madeen summon ability.

The party meet her first time at Conde Petie when she try to steal some food. He fled and finally caught by Zidane and the other, and then she show her home. Her summoning ability based on Holy power like Phoenix or Carbuncle, but if compared with Garnet ability, her ability wasn't so useful. Her failed love letter to Zidane also make Beatrix and Steiner falling in love each other. After defeating Kuja, she was adopted by Regent Cid and Hilda as their daughter.

Eiko's Music Theme

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