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Advance Job Quest in Final Fantasy XI

There are several different quest to obtain some special jobs in Final Fantasy XI, usually when your character level reach 30 there will be a quest to obtain some different advance job. But as you may know this advance job isn't more powerful and overpowered than the basic jobs, they only have some special skill that will help other party member in hunt or leveling. Here was some list of Advance job quest in Final fantasy XI.

The quest to obtain Paladin is easy. It was given from the NPC Balasiel in south San'Doria. He located on the bridge. The first thing, you need to give him is a foot. This foot obtained from most of undead enemies. Then you have to go to the Ordellas cave in La Thine. Go to location (G-7) and there will be a small pool. Touch the marks, then touch another marks, which is located not to far from the pool. The spot to touch the marks, is about 15 - 25 steps (depend on your race) from the pool. You will receive an item if done it correctly.
Last back and talk to Balasiel, then talk to the guards on 2nd floor at the guard post east and west Cahaurme(J-9) & Baurise(H-9). Then go to Davoi (E10) and examine the discussed well and get an item. Go back to Balasiel and you will get a Lv 28 Kite Shield, and now you can change your job to a Lv. 1 Paladin.

The quest to be a Dark Knight is an easy one. You can do it as a lv 1 warrior if you wanted(as long as you have lv 30 in another job). However, you must be a warrior to do the quest. That does not mean you have to be a lv 30 warrior, it just mean you have to complete the quest having warrior as your main job.
Talk to Gumbah (Bastok Mines J-7)get the quest. Then go to the 3rd floor of Palbrough Mines (G-8). Get on the ship back to town and after the ride in the Zerhaun mines you'll recieve a 2 handed sword called the Chaos Bringer(?). Equip the sword and kill 100 of any type of enemies without leaving the area. After the 100 or more kills goto the person named Beadeaux located at the Southeast exit of the Pashhow Marshland and you get Dark knight. Now start working on your lv 1 Dark Knight. Dark Knight is, in my opinion, the coolest
job ever.

Talk to Dietmund in Lower Jueno (G-11). He will come out as soon as you open the door. Wait until it is nighttime (20:00-04:00). Go to a edge of the cliff in Qufim (F-8). Follow the path down the cliff to the edge. At the bottom, click on Night Flowers which will be glowing white like they do at night time. Go back to Dietmund, then talk to the chocobo house owner (Brutus) at Upper Jeuno to obtain the Beast Master job.

Talk to Perih Vashai in the Windurst Woods (K-7). Go to (L-10) of Zoromugh Hills. Wait until the Old Sabertooth dies naturally and click on the Tiger Bones. Take the item you get from the bones to Perih Vashai and he will give you the Ranger job.

Talk to Mertaire, Bki Tbujhja, Ruslan and Tuh Almobankha in Lower Jueno. Then go to to Mhaura and buy a paper from Pikini-Mikini at a Warehouse (G-9). The paper will cost you 500 gil. Get out of Mhaura to Buburimu and head to location (G-9). You can get there through a cave from the main beach. You will find a Song Rune. Click on song rune and trade the paper to the Runes. Then go back to Mertaitre in lower jueno. Then go to Valkurm Dunes and at the northwest point you will see a secret cave, pass through and you will end up at a beach. Find another Song Rune there. Click on the Song Rune. After the cut scene you'll recieve some gil and obtain the singing Bard job. I dont want to see another song rune again.

Speak with Jaucribaix in Norg. He wants a branch from a tree in a sacred place and iron filings from a bomb. Talk to Ranemaud to receive a sacred tree sapling. Now, talk to Aeka to receive old iron from the east. The next two parts can be done in any order.
Trade the old iron to the point at the far west of Konschtat Highlands (D8). A bomb enemy, Forger, will appear. Kill it and you will receive the iron fillings. Even if you fight this bomb with a party, it will only drop 1 item, and you can only trade iron every 3 minutes.
Use an axe at the mark point on the huge tree at the west side of The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah. A Walking Tree enemy, Guardian Treant, will appear. Kill it and examine the mark again to receive the branch.
Return to Jaucribaix with these items. After you give him them, he will tell you to come back in three days (3 hours). Come back and you will receive the Samurai job class and an Unsigned Sword. You can now change to Samurai in your Mog House.

First, go to "Cargo Room A" (I-10) in Port Sandoria. Then speak to Arminibit and Ceraulian. Enter the Chateau d'Oraguille then down the path at (I-8) to Bostaunieux Oubliette. Enter the first path that's to the right to meet Novalmauge. Go to the Cathedral in Northern San Doria(L-7) and speak with Morjean to recieve the quest from Oiheaurese. After receiving the quest, go to the Auction house and buy some Pickaxe for excavating purpose.
Now head to the Maze of Shakrami to excavate at the "Excavation Point" (G-7),(I-6), etc., not "Fossil Rock", for a "Dragon Egg". Go back to Cathedral and speak with Morjean. You should then accept the quest given by Yachemidot. Go to the Meriphataud Mountains. To the east at (K-8) will be the end of the Drogaroga's Spine. There will be a npc there.
Trade the egg to the npc and an event will occur. Go back to Sandoria and enter Chateau d'Oraguille. Then enter into Royal Knights' Quarters(H-9) and speak to Rahal and receive a key item. After receiving the key item, go to Ghelsba Outpost. Locate the "Hide Door"(G-10) in the Ghelsba Outpost and defeat the Dragon. The daron is behind the dorr, and only one party can fight it at a time. Bring a good party(6 people)of lv 45s to take it down.

To start off, you need to talk to Kaede in a house located in Port Bastok (I-5). Then head into the warehouse in Port Bastok (F-5) and speak to Kagetora. Go back to the house where Kaede is (I-5), and goto the room to the left. In there you have to speak to Ensetsu. Now go to Bastok Mines. Then go to Zeruhn Mines, and then to Korroloca Tunnel to (A-9) and you'll be transferred over to (N-8) on the same map. Now head over to (G-8) then you'll be transferred over to (I-11) of the same map. Now head over to (K-8) and there will be a mark.
Get ready and click on it to fight 3 Korroloca Leech (Leech type NM), You may want to clear the area of Thread Leech's since they will start attacking you if they see you are fighting the Korroloca Leechs. After the fight click on the mark to recieve a key item. Now head back to Ensetsu in Port Bastok (I-5) and head to the new area Norg and speak to Ryoma to complete the quest.

To get the summoner advanced job, you first have to go to Windurst Walls (G3). When you get there, talk to the taru Ajido-Marujido. After that, go kill any kind of leech creature that you want. You have to get the Ruby from it, but you will only get it as a drop if your level is above 30. You have a small chance of getting it quickly (1% drop rate).
Now goto the House of the Hero in Windurst Walls. Investigate the door with the stone in your item list. After that, experience the 7 different weather conditions. You only have to have the weather effect on your map. You have to experience areas that are Pleasant, have Fire, Ice, Earth, Water, Wind, and Lightning, but not all at once.
After you have experienced those elements, head to La Theine Plateau. There is a stone circle there. Target and trade the stone into it. You will now obtain the Summoner job and your first summon which should be obvious after the quest.

Source(s) : IGN faqs

Classes on Final Fantasy XI

At Final Fantasy XI you freely to choose your own class. And unlike the other MMORPG game you able to change your class anytime during the game. But every class has it's own level, it's mean you need to train every class if you want to experience all the class on the game, and that's mean you didn't need to create lot's of character to play different class.
Every race have the same ability to choose all class available. And there is no overpowering class so basically every class have it's own specialty and advantages during the hunting and leveling.

Basic Classes (Basic Classes are the Jobs that available when you start the game).
  • Warrior (A basic fighter. Most people like its ability to taunt and tank the enemy.)
  • Monk (Withhigh HP it makes a good class. but their armor weaker than other class.)
  • Black Mage (Have various powerfull spells, but low HP and weak armour.)
  • White Mage (The healer, with it's healing skill always needed in every party member.)
  • Red Mage (The most average class. Can do a bit of Black spells, a bit of White spells, and also a bit of sword attacks.)
  • Thief (The fastest class, with their ability to steal.)
Advance Class (Advanced Classes require you to do a quest to get, when one of your jobs is level 30 or higher. They are not better than basic class, but they will give more help and support for the party member. They have different specialties and abilities then the basics making them useful. Unlike the other MMORPG game they will not became more powerful that the basic job but their specialty make them useful for other party member.)
  • Paladin (With a high defense but low strength and its small amount of white magic.)
  • Dark Knight (Opposite of the Paladin. High strength, low defense, and some black magic.)
  • Bard (A good support class that not used MP)
  • Summoner (A mage that has ability to Summon gods to help them in battle.)
  • Beast Master (A fighter that can tame enemy to attack the opponent for a while.)
  • Ranger (A class uses long range attacks as its own specialty. Need lots amount of gil for arrows, or need to be good at making arrows.)
  • Samurai (A warrior that can fend demons and gain TP quickly.)
  • Ninja (They can throw weapon and duel weild weapon making them a great STR booster.)
  • Dragoon (A warrior that can have a Wyvern to following him and can jump into the heavens. They also known as Dragon Knights.)
  • There are also Dancer and Scholar Job at Wings of the Goddess Expansion packs.

Different Race in Final Fantasy XI

Before you playing Final Fantasy XI, maybe not wrong if you see the available race below to choose what the best race to choose before you start the game. There are five race in Final Fantasy XI, that you will need to choose at the game. All with it's own unique appearance and different status and ability. The five race are that mentioned below :

Hume Race
This is the human race. Completely average in every way and status. If you want to look like yourself and your real appearance at the game, then this should be your choice. Since they are mediocre in every way, they are not the best race. Their status without Job are :

This is the elf race of Final Fantasy XI. They are not really elf as you can see in other game platform or movies, though. The elvann have high attack power and high mind. They can attack doing massive damage, and can heal really well. They are not like the elf appear at other game which have high dexterity and usually use bow, even at this game, their dexterity is not very high. Their status without job are:

Short midget people resembling chipmunks that looks like a dwarft. They have high MP and high INT compared to the other races. This allows them to use powerful magic, and a lot of it. They are what most people would suggest if you choose job as "Mage". Their status without job are: Hp=24

They are girl with a face looks like a cat and they have tails as well. They are a female-only race and don't have male character. They take all the dexterity from the Elvann. In fact, they have the highest DEX and AGI out of any race, that will make them more accuracy and good at dodge. They are also looks liked by male teenagers. Their status without job are:

They are a hairy and looks like bear race. Having high HP and might VIT, they can take a lot of damage, so they usually used to tank the mobs. All their faces look very different though. This gives them a lot of diversity compared to most races. However, despite them being very good, they are in the minority. Their status without job are:

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Final Fantasy Summon and Monster Mythology

Evreet or Ifrit was known as a mythology from Saudi Arabia which is the second genie from five Genies that have a very powerful power. He also have a high intelligence...[Read More]

This creature is famous because known in some of Mythology. Leviathan known as the God of the Sea by Japanese. Leviathan (or Lotan ) also mentioned in Canaanite myth...[Read More]

One of monster that often appear in Final Fantasy Series is Behemoth. Behemoth appear like a bull that have purple colored of all it's skin, have a great horn and...[Read More]

Titan mentioned in Greek myth. Titan (or Titaness = female) is a Giant creature that been one of 12 primeval. All of them is sons of Uranus and Gaea. There are twelve of them which...[Read More]

In Greek Mythology, mentioned that Ixion is son from God of War, Ares. In every myth stories he appear as a bad person with his various bad attitude...[Read More]

Chaos same like Titan also appear in Greek Mythology. Long time before earth and universe created, the things that only exist is darkness...[Read More]

Pandora also known in Greek Mythology as the first woman that appear on the earth also the one who bring all sadness, diseases, pain and miseries...[Read More]

There are a lot of horrible creature in every Mythology. One of them is Typhoon, a giant creature shaped like a giant snake that able to shot fire from his eyes...[Read More]

Fenrir or fenris is a name of a wolf that appear in Norse Mythology, which as a Wolf that predicted will kill every God that he meet in God Annihilation (Ragnarok)...[Read More]

Along with Shiva Quetzalcoatl is the first Guardian Force (GF) owned by Squall in Final fantasy VIII he attack all of the enemy with his most powerful...[Read More]

In Sumerian Mythology, Gilgamesh known as a legendary hero. He is a son of Uruk Emperor (Lugalbanda), who married a wise and beauty Goddess named Nisun...[Read More]

Did you know that Chimera was taken from Greek Mythology as well? Some myth say that Chimera has family related with Hydra. Chimera also said as the mother of Sphinx...[Read More]

The phoenix is a mythical creature mentioned in lots of different mythology, Phoenix known as a giant bird who receive different names depending on which culture is cited...[Read More]

Valefor is one of the Aeons in Final Fantasy X. The names often related with evil or demon story, where he was described as "Hellish Grand Duke" and according to the stories, Valefor ruled 36 legions in the hell...[Read More]

Sirens, according to Greek mythology, were the daughters of Aqueloo and a Muse. They are creature half woman and half bird. They had a very melodic and smoothing voice that no sailor could resist them...[Read More]

Diablos is Devil, also known as Lucifer or Satan that mentioned in the Bible and the New Testament. Diablos defined as the arch rival of God and the temptation for human...[Read More]

Odin is the supreme god of Nordic mythology, he is the son of the giant Burr. He is a dark and evil god, able to revive the dead. His role was same like Zeus in Greek mythology...[Read More]

Shiva is the supreme god of the Hindu mythology. In the appearance and as usual, doesn't have any similarity with SHiva we known on Final Fantasy Series...[Read More]

In Greek mythology, the Minotaur was a monster half man and half bull. He was the son of Pasifae (the queen of Crete) and a beautiful Toro...[Read More]

Although not appear as one of the summons in Final Fantasy series but Tiamat often appear as boss monster that must beaten in almost all Final Fantasy series...[Read More]

In Final Fantasy VII, Hades appear as one of the summons, and in Final Fantasy IX he appear as on of optional boss in Memoria that able to defeat. Hades refers to two mythological terms...[Read More]

In Greek mythology, Cerberus, son of Typhoon and Equidna, was the guardian in the gates of Hades, the realm of the dead. In appearance, Cerberus was a gigantic size of a dog...[Read More]

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