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Rufus Shinra and The Turks Profile

Rufus Shinra
Rufus Shinra, son of president Shinra is one of character in Final Fantasy VII, he take the lead of Shinra Corp. after his father killed by Sephiroth avatar. For the first time maybe he act like a bad guy that opposite to AVALANCHE, but near the ending of the game he give great of help to AVALANCHE like hit the weapon use Canon in Junon, also great respect to remove Sephiroth Barrier in the Northern Crater. But one of weapon hitting of his palace, and though he was died at that time. In Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children he appear again with geostigma on it's body, he also blame himself who cause the destruction of the world, and try to recover it together with the Turks. He start to investigating Sephiroth death place which is Northern Crater. in the middle of the movie he saw carried Genova cell, and try to stop Kadaj to get it. At the end of the movie we can see that he with other Turks member gathering together, also have sign to recover from geostigma.

The Turks
Turks are special organization that lead by Tseng, Turks backing Shinra for espionage, kidnapping, also assassination job, to perform Shinra activity, Turks also have a job to select the candidates who will be SOLDIER's member. There are 4 major member of the Turks which is :

Reno, red haired man who always wearing a goggles in his forehead. He have an a lazy appearance but have very skilled and very pride of his job. In final Fantasy VII, the party first encounter him in the Sector 5 when he try to capture Aerith, he also found at Sector 7 towers and appear as boss fight. He also appear in Wutai when a conflict with Don Corneo.
In Final fantasy VII : Advent Children, he have a very important role, since Avalance and Turks are working together to fight Kadaj and his friends. He server Rufus together with Rude, Elena, And Tseng. He also appear in Final Fantasy VII : Last order (to catch Zack and Cloud who escaping from Shinra) also appear in Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core (in different story, he try to save Cloud and Zack from SOLDIER who pursued them)

Rude, Tall bald guy, always wearing his sunglasses and always has stock even his sunglasses was broken, he accompanied Reno in all major storyline of Final Fantasy VII, he is martial arts fighter who use his fist to fight. In Final fantasy VII advent children, Square-Enix give him a sparring match with Loz, even he have no match with Loz, but he keep fighting until the end. Together with Reno and Tseng as well, he also appear in Final Fantasy VII : Last order (to catch Zack and Cloud who escaping from Shinra) also appear in Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core (in different story, he try to save Cloud and Zack from SOLDIER who pursued them)

Elena is the junior woman member of turks, a young woman with short blond hair with brown eyes. She also seen in Before Crisis as a high school student where his father was teaching in Shinra Military Academy. Elena shown as naive girl, and somewhat older attitudes than her age, with a tongue that causes her often to accidentally reveal secret information. She takes her job much seriously even more serious than Reno and Rude done, and became very frustrated with his laid-back attitude. He appear in Final fantasy VII : Advent children but in a minor Role. Last time she's seen gather with Rufus and other Turks member in near ending of the movie.

Tseng is a leader of The Turks, perform tactical and all strategies behind the screen. He is a calm but polite leader with a sign in the middle of his forehead, In Final Fantasy VII US version, he injured by Sephiroth when investigating the Temple of Ancient, and though that he dies there. But he appear again in Final fantasy VII advent children, and only seen near ending of the movie, he and Elena try to save Rufus when fall of a building. He also appear in Final fantasy VII : Crisis Core and also in Final fantasy VII : before crisis as the same role.

Minor Turks member from Before crisis and reappear in Final fantasy VII : Crisis core with her shuriken weapon that called Rekka. She is the youngest member from history of all Turks member

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