Sunday, December 16, 2007

Garnet Profile

Garnet til Alexandros is the princess of Alexandria on of three major Kingdom in Final Fantasy IX, she have a cute face also great summon ability. When she kiddnaped by Zidane she change her name as "Dagger" which is name of Zidane weapon. She have lot of offense summons or eidolons, but also combined with a very useful supportive spell. She isn't Queen Brahne daughter, she was a summoner from Madain Sari (Mandain Sari) and her real name is Sarah. Garland attack Madain Sari before she reached age six years. Garland attack with Invicible Airship and destroy the village, Invicible at that time appear like an eye in the sky. She and her mother fled using a small boat, but her mother didn't survive before the boat wrecked in Alexandria. She founded by Dr. Tot in Alexandria Harbor.

On disc 2, Queens Brahne who controlled by Kuja order Zorn and Thorn to extract Eidolons summoning ability from Garnet, and she use it to destroy Cleyra with Odin and attack Lindbulm with Atomos. But later in the game she learned the summoning ability by herself. When Queen Brahne dies, she became Queen of Alexandria.
At the disc.3 she protected Alexandria from Bahamut's attack, she and Eiko called the protector of Alexandria, Great Summon Alexander. But Garland destroy Alexander with Invicible. As she feel fail to protec her kingdom make her often failed to command because she failed to concentrate. And that still happen until get the Airship, when she cut her hair in front of Alexandria Graveyard.

At Terra she also help Zidane to get his self confident, and make him know what is the real meaning of his existence. At the ending she became the Queen of Alexandria and waiting Zidane until he get back and hold to her tight.

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