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Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics Review
Final Fantasy Tactics is a tactical role-playing game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) for the Sony PlayStation video game console. The game is set in the kingdom of Ivalice during a period of war. The story follows Ramza Beoulve, a young cadet who finds himself thrust into the middle of the conflict.
The game combines thematic elements of the Final Fantasy video game series with a game engine and battle system unlike anything previously seen in the franchise. In stark contrast to other 32-bit era Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy Tactics uses a 3D, isometric, rotatable playing field, with bitmap sprite characters

Final Fantasy Tactics Storyline
This game requires a bit of backround information on what's happening and why. It explains it in the game but it's kind of confusing. First off, everything up to the ending of FFT is explained in the beginning of the game. Alazam the scholar tells a tale of a young man, who stops this big war refered to as "The Lion War". It also mixes in tales from the "Zodiac Brave Story", which is basically a tale of 12 legendary knights that each carried a Zodiac stone and they sealed this great demon a long time ago. It also mentions about the "Fifty Year War", which happend right before the beginning of the game.
Alazam's tale tells us that Delita is the hero written in history that stops the war, but it hints at the fact that there might have been someone else who is the "real" hero. The story begins as history is retold in the view of this "real hero".

Final Fantasy Tactics Character
  • Ramza Beoulve - The main hero, Ramza, is the son of the Fifty Year War hero (Balbanes Beoulve). Half brother to Dycedarg Beoulve, Zalbag Beoulve, and full brother to Alma Beoulve, Ramza believes in justice and honor. Best friends with Delita since childhood, Ramza journeys for truth and answers.
  • Agrias Oaks - The personal bodyguard of Princess Ovelia, Agrias is a Holy Knight from Lesalia. Her main goal is to keep Ovelia safe, and to protect her whenever necessary. A strong believer in honor, Agrias hardly trusts anybody except her own knights and the princess.
  • Delita Hyral - The legendary commoner who became king and stopped The Lion War as written in the scriptures, Delita has not always been ambitious and power hungry. A horrible experience and a tragic loss made him snap and go nuts. Best friends with Ramza, is Delita really the true hero?
  • Alma Beoulve - The younger sister to Ramza, Alma is one of the only people besides Delita that supports Ramza. A very powerful priest, Alma wishes for Ramza's safety as he journeys for answers.
  • Ovelia - The princess that Agrias guards with her life, she spends her time atoning for all the sins that she has committed. Being that of a generous and kind person, Ovelia has spent her whole life believing that her life had meaning in the world.
  • Cloud Strife - In a secret recruitment character, you also able to add Cloud Strife, main character of Final Fantasy VII, as your party member.

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