Sunday, December 9, 2007

Laguna, Kiros, and Ward Profile

Laguna Loire
Laguna Loire is the man who firstly appear in the Squall's dream. Squall will obtain part as Laguna and two other of his friend will acquire Kiros and Ward. Laguna first come into Squall's dream during the train in his first mission to help Timber Owls in Timber. His limit break is Desperado, he will swing with a rope and drop a lot of grenade, than he shot rudely of the enemy. She take a part as Galbadian soldier who was sent to Esthar. At the disc 2, after he quit from army, he live with Raine and Ellone in small city Winhill. He everyday must patrol around the city and kill all enemy who appeared during the patrol, he also like journalist and Kiros tell him to join Timber Maniacs. He leave Winhill when Ellone kidnapped by Esthar Soldier. He then help people of Esthar to liberate from Sorceress Adel, and seal her in outer space. People of Esthar then elect Laguna to be their new president. Ellone sent back to Winhill and after Raine dies, she and Raine's Child ( Squall ?? ) sent to Edea's Orphanage. Laguna have to be the President of Esthar and Unable to leave his position until the recent time. He and Ellone reunited in the space when the plan to stop Ultimecia begin.

Kiros Seagill
Kiros Seagill one of Laguna's friend when he still join the Galbadian Army. He uses katars as his weapon which attached into both of his hand, His limit break is Blood Pain, when he slice rudely on one enemy uses his katars. After the fail mission in Cntra, he decided to leave Galbadian army. He visit Laguna in Winhill and say that live without Laguna is boring and out of excitement. Kiros also helping Laguna when he make his way to Ethar to save ellone, and he remain on Laguna's side while Laguna accepted to be the president of Esthar.

Ward Zabac
Ward Zabac is another Laguna's friend. He use a kind of Spear appear like anchor to be his weapon. His limit break is massive anchor, when he throw the spear and then he jump to gain his weapon and attack the enemy from above. When the fail mission in Centra he lose his voice after the battle with soldier from Esthar. After separated from Laguna and kiros he became the Janitor in D District Prison, same prison when squall and other party member arrested in the beginning of disc 2. When Laguna become president of Esthar, Ward join him to be one of his advisor as well as Kiros. Other people understand what his saying by seeing his reaction.