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Kuja, Garland, and Necron Profile

Kuja Garland and Necron is main enemy of Final Fantasy IX

Kuja Profile
Kuja is one of Geneomes Created by Garland. He is one of three "Angels of Death" created by Garland as well as Zidane and Mikoto. He is cruel, ambitious, vengeful and ruthless. Kuja is the first angel of death, before Zidane, he also send Zidane into Gaia when Zidane still didn't know about his mission and didn't know anything. Kuja was very powerfull, even with the power he able to defeat Garland, the one who created him. His Ultima skill was anoying and able to make all party members HP become 1. At the ending he destroy the crystal source of life and summon Necron a multidimensional being, he know he was wrong and at the end of the game he helps Zidane and another party member escaping from Memoria by teleporting them outside. Zidane didn't want to leave and decides to help him he tells all party member to leave him near Iifa Tree. There's still unknown wether he dies or not during the ending.

Garland Profile
Garland is the leader of Terra, he also the one who created Kuja, Zidane and Mikoto as well. At the opening of the game he ride Invicible and destroy Madain Sari, Village of the summoner which is Garnet hometown. At that time invicible appear as "The Eye" in the sky. He also destroy Alexander that summoned by Garnet and Eiko to protect Alexandria. However he beated by Zidane in Pandemonium, at that time Kuja appear and confronted Garland. He lost almost all his power during battle against Zidane couldn't survive when Kuja attack him. He death in his genomes that he created. However his spirit was alive and help all party member in Memoria.

Necron Profile
Necron is Final Boss in Final Fantasy IX, he known as multidimensional being that appear after Kuja destroy the Crystal of Life. His goal is to make the world into nothingless known as Zero-World. He defeated by Zidane and back to it's dimension, waiting the lost soul like Kuja to call him back.

Kuja's Music Theme

Friday, December 28, 2007

Amarant Coral Profile

Amarant Coral or Salamander coral (Japanese version) is the last party member joined with the party at Madain Sari. He only have two principal, the one who win, live and the one who lost, die. He have bad memory against Zidane in Treno Auction city. When Zidane sneak and steal in King's Mansion, the owner of Treno Waterfront Mansion and Zidane blame him as the thief to avoid the Guard of the mansion.

For the first time he called by Queen Brahne as well as Lani who work together with him to get back Garnet's pendant and assassinate Vivi. An event in Madain Sari make him duel one on one with Zidane and he lost. He ask Zidane to kill him and finish everything but Zidane refused and ask him to join. In Ipsen castle, he want to prove that working alone is better than goes with a team, but he fail. When he fall Zidane help him, after this scene his personalities change slowly because of Zidane influence.

He has a quite good skill, which is throw that allow you to throw certain weapon to use direct damage on an enemy, but it's not recomended to throw you good stuff even it can deal more damage. When he reaches his limit break you can use Chakra which has very strong attack and most of them deal 9999 direct damage.

Amarant's Music Theme

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Eiko Carol Profile

Eiko Carol is the last two summoner who survived from Garland attack in Madain Sari. When Garland attack the village her parents wasn't there, and they are come back to Mandain Sari several time later. Her parents dies, and she was raised by her grandfather, but he dies also several time later. After that she was raised by a group of Moogle and she has a guardian Moogle which is Mog, later in the game Mog turns into Ribbon and its allow Eiko to learn Madeen summon ability.

The party meet her first time at Conde Petie when she try to steal some food. He fled and finally caught by Zidane and the other, and then she show her home. Her summoning ability based on Holy power like Phoenix or Carbuncle, but if compared with Garnet ability, her ability wasn't so useful. Her failed love letter to Zidane also make Beatrix and Steiner falling in love each other. After defeating Kuja, she was adopted by Regent Cid and Hilda as their daughter.

Eiko's Music Theme

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Quina Queen Profile

Quina Queen is one of eight playable character in Final Fantasy IX. The party meet her (or him??) in Qu's Marsh, when she attempt to catch some frog. She joined the party if visit Qu's Marsh and you can choose to invite her or not during journey to Cleyra, but she must join the party when you attempt to go to Outer Continent.

She has only two principal, the thing that can eat and the the thing that couldn't. She join the group to taste all food from all area in Gaia. Her ability obtained by skill eat on certain enemies and will appear on her Blue Magic ability. Her master, Quale have a relation with Vivi's master Quan. Later in the game Zidane, Vivi, and Quina can visit Quan's Dwelling and Quan's Ghost will appear. Quan commends both Vivi and Quina for their vivid, valuable imaginations and reprimands Quale for seeing the world too literally. At this point Quina fully understands what it's gotten out of traveling with Zidane to find out the meaning of her life and not just eat some foods.

Quina's Music Theme

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Freya Crescent Profile

Freya Crescent is another Playable character in Final Fantasy IX, the party meet her first time in Lindbulm, when Zidane goes to the Lindbulm Bar, and she being an opponent during the Monster Hunt Festival, She is a lancer from Cleyra, she has two hometown which is Burmecia and Cleyra, but she leave her hometown to search the one she love, Sir Frately who went missing without any trace on his mission. During her journey she stay near Tantalus Hideout in Lindbulm for a certain of period.

She meet with Sir Fratley when Queen Brahne attempt to destroy Cleyra, but unfortunately Sir Frately has lost his memories about Freya, and just meet in a short time period. At the end of the game, Freya reunite with Frately and together come back to Burmecia, and start their love story from the beginning as well as their plan to rebuild Burmecian Kingdom.

If compared with another Final Fantasy series, her job is a Dragoon, who have jump ability, but in this game Squaresoft give a differet touch of her Dragoon ability, from Dragoon healing, attacking and even supporting other party member.

Freya's Music Theme

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Aldebert Steiner Profile

Aldebert Steiner is an Alexandria Royal Guard, he is Captain of Knight of Plutos which have 12 knight members. His duty is protect Alexandria as well as protect Princess Garnet. He always use full heavy armor during the game, and it's very noisy, that make Zidane call him as Rusty. For the first time he hate Zidane because he kidnap Princess Garnet, and he following Zidane until Prima Vista Airship has crash landed in the forest. After that his journey with the party begin.

On disc.2 when Garnet want to come back to Alexandria and stop her mother plan, he accompanied her until Garnet summoning ability absorbed and he rested in jail shapped like bird cage. together with Marcus, a tantalus member. After knowing that Queen Brahne, the one he served was have an evil ambition, he decided to join with Zidane's team and battle against her. He have a special ability which is Magic Sword, but this need Vivi together in the battle. Vivi will enchanted Steiner's sword with his powerfull black magic ability, and Steiner will use it to slash the enemy. That's why he always call Vivi as his master.

Steiner love General Beatrix, because Eiko's failed love letter to Zidane. For the first time General Beatrix is a hard enemy, seen first Time in Cleyra, she have a powerfull skill Climhazard and has only one weapon, which is "Save The Queen", at disc.3 Steiner fight the Myst monster together with her when attempt to protect Alexandria from Bahamut attack, right before Garnet call great summon Alexander

Steiner's Music Theme

Monday, December 17, 2007

Vivi Orunitia Profile

Vivi is a black mage character of Final Fantasy IX, he have lots of offense Black Magic that very useful in the battle. He first seen visiting Alexandria, when he want to watch I Want To Be Your Cannary. Latter in the game he knows that he is a prototype of Dummy Black Mage that created for Queen Brahne ambition to conquer Mist Continent, and his life is limited for 9 years.

When he was a kid he raised in Quans Dwelling by Quan, Quan looks like Quina's master perhaps they have relation in the past. Steiner usually call him as Master Vivi because his magic ability. For some skill, Steiner must combine Vivi's magic to do his Magic Sword skills. His most powerful magic is Doomsday, but unfortunately, it's only available to get at near ending of the game when he get his last weapon just a little bit to the Last Boss of Final Fantasy IX. Together with other party member he also help Zidane to regain his self confident in Terra, tell Zidane that Zidane was more lucky than him who have a longer lifetime.

Vivi's Music Theme

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Garnet Profile

Garnet til Alexandros is the princess of Alexandria on of three major Kingdom in Final Fantasy IX, she have a cute face also great summon ability. When she kiddnaped by Zidane she change her name as "Dagger" which is name of Zidane weapon. She have lot of offense summons or eidolons, but also combined with a very useful supportive spell. She isn't Queen Brahne daughter, she was a summoner from Madain Sari (Mandain Sari) and her real name is Sarah. Garland attack Madain Sari before she reached age six years. Garland attack with Invicible Airship and destroy the village, Invicible at that time appear like an eye in the sky. She and her mother fled using a small boat, but her mother didn't survive before the boat wrecked in Alexandria. She founded by Dr. Tot in Alexandria Harbor.

On disc 2, Queens Brahne who controlled by Kuja order Zorn and Thorn to extract Eidolons summoning ability from Garnet, and she use it to destroy Cleyra with Odin and attack Lindbulm with Atomos. But later in the game she learned the summoning ability by herself. When Queen Brahne dies, she became Queen of Alexandria.
At the disc.3 she protected Alexandria from Bahamut's attack, she and Eiko called the protector of Alexandria, Great Summon Alexander. But Garland destroy Alexander with Invicible. As she feel fail to protec her kingdom make her often failed to command because she failed to concentrate. And that still happen until get the Airship, when she cut her hair in front of Alexandria Graveyard.

At Terra she also help Zidane to get his self confident, and make him know what is the real meaning of his existence. At the ending she became the Queen of Alexandria and waiting Zidane until he get back and hold to her tight.

Garnet Music Theme :

Friday, December 14, 2007

Zidane Tribal Profile

Zidane Tribal is the main character of Final Fantasy IX. He was a Genome created by Garland to replaced Kuja place, because Kuja have a limited life, Kuja who known this, send Zidane to Gaia. Zidane without knowing his mission head to Lindbulm when he finally found and raised by Baku, the leader of Tantalus. He works for Tantalus and be a thief, actually he is the one playable character who able to use special skill "Steal" that very useful to get some good stuff from boss battle.
At the first time, Tantalus want to kidnap Princess Garnet, they held a theater performance in the Alexandria Castle, but their plan canceled because Garnet ask them to kidnap herself. As the game running, Zidane begin to realize that he falling in love with Garnet.
Later in the game he and the other party member go to Terra, when he know he was only a genome human. He very shock when he know this, but with support from Garnet and all of his friend he begin to realize, that no matter some person background, the most important thing is how he runs his life and become useful for someone else.

At the ending Kuja save the party live and sacrifice himself. Zidane who was helped by Kuja refused to comeback to Alexandria together with other party member, because he want to save Kuja back. Until the ending of the game that is unknown he did it or not, because he return to Alexsandria himslef without any information about Kuja.

Zidane Music Theme :

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NORG, Edea, and Cid Kramer Profile Final Fantasy VIII

Edea Kramer
Edea Kramer is the Sorceress in Final fantasy VIII, she is the main enemy from disc.1 until the end of disc.2. At disc. 3 the truth is revealed, that she is being controlled by Ultimecia. At the first time she looks like very evil but lately in the game known that she has a warm heart. During controlled by Ultimecia, she take over are galbadians army and Garden. So the SeeD ordered to assassinate her. Edea also wife of Balamb Garden Headmaster, Cid. At the past time she was called Matron, when Squall and other party member stay at her orphanage. She also became a playable character during the journey to Esthar continent but unfortunately only for a short time. An accident in Esthar make her give her sorcery power to Rinoa and make Rinoa as a sorceress. Her normal attack use a burst of energy to strike the enemy. Her Limit Break called Ice Strike when she make a sprear made from ice in the air and then hit the enemy with that ice. We can see the FMV of her limit break when she hit Squall at the end of Disc.1.

Cid Kramer
Cid Kramer is headmaster of Balamb Garden. He is Edea's husband and after Edea's orphanage dissmisshed, he join with Garden Master NORG from Shumi Tribe to build a garden and make a squad called SeeD. When SeeD failed to assassinate Edea, there is a conflict between Cid and Garden Master NORG, this make a battle between the Normal Student of Balamb Garden who related to NORG and the SeeD who related to Cid. Almost all of Final fantasy series use name of Cid, but at Final fantasy VIII Cid role as a leader of the Garden who will watch over all of main character in the game.

Garden Master NORG
Garden Master NORG is the one who support the Garden Financial at first time. He was from Shumi Tribe and it's unknown how he meet Cid and built the Balamb Garden together. The party will meet him at the Balamb Garden Basement after Balamb escaping from Galbadia missile. You can draw Leviathan from him after his seal was destroyed.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Adel, Griever, and Ultimecia Profile

Adel is the most powerfull sorceress from Esthar initiated by the Sorceress War. She is the ruler of Esthar, she ordered all of her soldier to kiddnap all girls to find a new suitable for her successor. When Esthar revolution Laguna and Dr. Odine place her in a prisson in outer space, she then frozened. Ultimecia use her when Edea free from his control. Ultimecia control Rinoa to free Adel, and leave Rinoa to die in the outer space. Ultimecia want to use Adel for the new vessel to archieve the plan to cast time compression. The battle against Adel occur when she tries to absorb Rinoa in Lunatic Pandora.

Griever is a Guardian Force in Squall mind. He is the strongest Guardian Force ever but unfortunately he is non usable. He appear only when Ultimecia control him to beat SeeD at her castle.

Ultimecia is the main enemy of Final Fantasy VIII, altough her role was unknown until disc three of the game. She control Edea Kramer to take over Galbadian Army, and kill the President Vincer Delling. She makes Edea gains control of all Galbadians. After Edea break free from her Control, she use Rinoa who gain Edea sorcery power to free Adel in the Outer Space prison. She have an ability to travel through the time and control the other sorceress. Her plan is to cast Time Compression which will make all era and time will be merged together. All life will destroy in all time past present and future time, and she the only one wil still remain. Squall and his friend use her time compression spell to go to her era and beat her. She have three form, the original form, jucntion with the Griever form and Final Form.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ellone, Raine and Julia Heartily Profile

Ellone is a mysterious girl who have ability to send one person memories into another body, she is Squall past "sys" who make his antisocial part begin, because when in orphanage she went missing without say anything to Squall. She send Laguna's memories into Squall and his friend, that appear in their dreams, but her ability is only view history, without ability to change any event inside it. Ultimecia need her power on plan to archives the Time Compression. Ultimecia use Galbadian Army to hunt her, and after her parent dies , she live with Raine and Laguna in Winhill, until kidnapped by Esthar soldier. After Laguna save her in Esthar she sent back into Winhill and stay with Raine until Raine dies. After that she move to Edea's Orphanage together with almost all of other Final Fantasy VIII character, other than Rinoa.

Raine is the woman who take care of Laguna after his fail mission on Centra. She live together with Ellone in small city Winhill. She was die after her boy was born, and according to the conversation in Ragnarok Spaceship, that boy is Squall, and his father is Laguna.

Julia Heartily
Julia Heartily first seen in Squall's dream when he take part as Laguna. She was a pianist in the Delling City Pub. She liked Laguna, but after Laguna sent into a mission and never come back she married with General Caraway, she has a daughter which is Rinoa. She has a dream to be a singer, and when Kiros visit Laguna in the Winhill, Kiros tell Laguna that she already publish a new song that titled " Eyes On me"

Laguna, Kiros, and Ward Profile

Laguna Loire
Laguna Loire is the man who firstly appear in the Squall's dream. Squall will obtain part as Laguna and two other of his friend will acquire Kiros and Ward. Laguna first come into Squall's dream during the train in his first mission to help Timber Owls in Timber. His limit break is Desperado, he will swing with a rope and drop a lot of grenade, than he shot rudely of the enemy. She take a part as Galbadian soldier who was sent to Esthar. At the disc 2, after he quit from army, he live with Raine and Ellone in small city Winhill. He everyday must patrol around the city and kill all enemy who appeared during the patrol, he also like journalist and Kiros tell him to join Timber Maniacs. He leave Winhill when Ellone kidnapped by Esthar Soldier. He then help people of Esthar to liberate from Sorceress Adel, and seal her in outer space. People of Esthar then elect Laguna to be their new president. Ellone sent back to Winhill and after Raine dies, she and Raine's Child ( Squall ?? ) sent to Edea's Orphanage. Laguna have to be the President of Esthar and Unable to leave his position until the recent time. He and Ellone reunited in the space when the plan to stop Ultimecia begin.

Kiros Seagill
Kiros Seagill one of Laguna's friend when he still join the Galbadian Army. He uses katars as his weapon which attached into both of his hand, His limit break is Blood Pain, when he slice rudely on one enemy uses his katars. After the fail mission in Cntra, he decided to leave Galbadian army. He visit Laguna in Winhill and say that live without Laguna is boring and out of excitement. Kiros also helping Laguna when he make his way to Ethar to save ellone, and he remain on Laguna's side while Laguna accepted to be the president of Esthar.

Ward Zabac
Ward Zabac is another Laguna's friend. He use a kind of Spear appear like anchor to be his weapon. His limit break is massive anchor, when he throw the spear and then he jump to gain his weapon and attack the enemy from above. When the fail mission in Centra he lose his voice after the battle with soldier from Esthar. After separated from Laguna and kiros he became the Janitor in D District Prison, same prison when squall and other party member arrested in the beginning of disc 2. When Laguna become president of Esthar, Ward join him to be one of his advisor as well as Kiros. Other people understand what his saying by seeing his reaction.

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Lucrecia Crescent Profile

Lucrecia Crescent or Lucretia Crescent (EN), is one of Shinra Companies scientist, together with Professor Hojo, and Professor Gast, she work as a Class A biotechnological scientist, who have a duty to research Genova project. She works under Grimoire Valentine division, father of Vincent Valentine. At that time Vincent is one member of Turks, he meet Lucrecia and falling in love with her. She always take care of Vincent when he infected with Chaos. Thats why Vincent always love him, even in the ending of Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus he says that he survive because of spirit from Lucrecia.

She is Sephiroth mother. When she pregnant, her boy which still in the wombs injected with Genova cell, this make Sephiroth have lots of incredible ability beyond human. But during the pregnancy she have lots of future vision about his unborn child, a vision of scream, scared and destruction. So she try all the thing to kill her unborn baby, and even try kill herself but always fail. At the end, she sealed herself into crystal, the party meet her in Final Fantasy VII, she asked if Sephiroth already die, and Vincent, to make her rest in peace, tell that Sephiroth already die during incident in Mako reactor.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Rufus Shinra and The Turks Profile

Rufus Shinra
Rufus Shinra, son of president Shinra is one of character in Final Fantasy VII, he take the lead of Shinra Corp. after his father killed by Sephiroth avatar. For the first time maybe he act like a bad guy that opposite to AVALANCHE, but near the ending of the game he give great of help to AVALANCHE like hit the weapon use Canon in Junon, also great respect to remove Sephiroth Barrier in the Northern Crater. But one of weapon hitting of his palace, and though he was died at that time. In Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children he appear again with geostigma on it's body, he also blame himself who cause the destruction of the world, and try to recover it together with the Turks. He start to investigating Sephiroth death place which is Northern Crater. in the middle of the movie he saw carried Genova cell, and try to stop Kadaj to get it. At the end of the movie we can see that he with other Turks member gathering together, also have sign to recover from geostigma.

The Turks
Turks are special organization that lead by Tseng, Turks backing Shinra for espionage, kidnapping, also assassination job, to perform Shinra activity, Turks also have a job to select the candidates who will be SOLDIER's member. There are 4 major member of the Turks which is :

Reno, red haired man who always wearing a goggles in his forehead. He have an a lazy appearance but have very skilled and very pride of his job. In final Fantasy VII, the party first encounter him in the Sector 5 when he try to capture Aerith, he also found at Sector 7 towers and appear as boss fight. He also appear in Wutai when a conflict with Don Corneo.
In Final fantasy VII : Advent Children, he have a very important role, since Avalance and Turks are working together to fight Kadaj and his friends. He server Rufus together with Rude, Elena, And Tseng. He also appear in Final Fantasy VII : Last order (to catch Zack and Cloud who escaping from Shinra) also appear in Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core (in different story, he try to save Cloud and Zack from SOLDIER who pursued them)

Rude, Tall bald guy, always wearing his sunglasses and always has stock even his sunglasses was broken, he accompanied Reno in all major storyline of Final Fantasy VII, he is martial arts fighter who use his fist to fight. In Final fantasy VII advent children, Square-Enix give him a sparring match with Loz, even he have no match with Loz, but he keep fighting until the end. Together with Reno and Tseng as well, he also appear in Final Fantasy VII : Last order (to catch Zack and Cloud who escaping from Shinra) also appear in Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core (in different story, he try to save Cloud and Zack from SOLDIER who pursued them)

Elena is the junior woman member of turks, a young woman with short blond hair with brown eyes. She also seen in Before Crisis as a high school student where his father was teaching in Shinra Military Academy. Elena shown as naive girl, and somewhat older attitudes than her age, with a tongue that causes her often to accidentally reveal secret information. She takes her job much seriously even more serious than Reno and Rude done, and became very frustrated with his laid-back attitude. He appear in Final fantasy VII : Advent children but in a minor Role. Last time she's seen gather with Rufus and other Turks member in near ending of the movie.

Tseng is a leader of The Turks, perform tactical and all strategies behind the screen. He is a calm but polite leader with a sign in the middle of his forehead, In Final Fantasy VII US version, he injured by Sephiroth when investigating the Temple of Ancient, and though that he dies there. But he appear again in Final fantasy VII advent children, and only seen near ending of the movie, he and Elena try to save Rufus when fall of a building. He also appear in Final fantasy VII : Crisis Core and also in Final fantasy VII : before crisis as the same role.

Minor Turks member from Before crisis and reappear in Final fantasy VII : Crisis core with her shuriken weapon that called Rekka. She is the youngest member from history of all Turks member

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Shalua Rui and Reeve Tuesti Profile

Reeve Tuesti
Reeve Tuesti is a Head of the Urban Development Department, a job that in her own words makes it responsible for the construction and operation of Midgar, He concern for the damage and reconstruction costs after Shinra collapsed Sector 7 plate. He has the task of overseeing the construction of Midgar higher and greater recognition of the architectural vision of the Shinra. He used Cait Sith as a way to spy for him, and later in support of AVALANCHE. Reeve plays an important role in Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus as a founded the World Restoration Organization (WRO), an organization dedicated to the regeneration of the environment on the planet after the collapse of the Shinra Company, he also give a great help to Vincent in the game.

Shalua Rui
Shalua Rui is a woman scientist, which first appeared in a small role in Final Fantasy VII : Before Crisis. But appear in a very important role in Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus, as a WRO scientist with a prosthetic left arm, which serves as its life-support system, and a missing left eye. Shalua is a workaholic, and her main goal is search for her sister, Shelke who have become one of The Tsviets member. After their meeting, the heart was broken over what her little sister had blamed her. To compensate, she helped Shelke to escape, in exchange for her life. She is also the one who made Barrett's gun arm.

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