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Kuja, Garland, and Necron Profile

Kuja Garland and Necron is main enemy of Final Fantasy IX

Kuja Profile
Kuja is one of Geneomes Created by Garland. He is one of three "Angels of Death" created by Garland as well as Zidane and Mikoto. He is cruel, ambitious, vengeful and ruthless. Kuja is the first angel of death, before Zidane, he also send Zidane into Gaia when Zidane still didn't know about his mission and didn't know anything. Kuja was very powerfull, even with the power he able to defeat Garland, the one who created him. His Ultima skill was anoying and able to make all party members HP become 1. At the ending he destroy the crystal source of life and summon Necron a multidimensional being, he know he was wrong and at the end of the game he helps Zidane and another party member escaping from Memoria by teleporting them outside. Zidane didn't want to leave and decides to help him he tells all party member to leave him near Iifa Tree. There's still unknown wether he dies or not during the ending.

Garland Profile
Garland is the leader of Terra, he also the one who created Kuja, Zidane and Mikoto as well. At the opening of the game he ride Invicible and destroy Madain Sari, Village of the summoner which is Garnet hometown. At that time invicible appear as "The Eye" in the sky. He also destroy Alexander that summoned by Garnet and Eiko to protect Alexandria. However he beated by Zidane in Pandemonium, at that time Kuja appear and confronted Garland. He lost almost all his power during battle against Zidane couldn't survive when Kuja attack him. He death in his genomes that he created. However his spirit was alive and help all party member in Memoria.

Necron Profile
Necron is Final Boss in Final Fantasy IX, he known as multidimensional being that appear after Kuja destroy the Crystal of Life. His goal is to make the world into nothingless known as Zero-World. He defeated by Zidane and back to it's dimension, waiting the lost soul like Kuja to call him back.

Kuja's Music Theme

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