Friday, December 7, 2007

Lucrecia Crescent Profile

Lucrecia Crescent or Lucretia Crescent (EN), is one of Shinra Companies scientist, together with Professor Hojo, and Professor Gast, she work as a Class A biotechnological scientist, who have a duty to research Genova project. She works under Grimoire Valentine division, father of Vincent Valentine. At that time Vincent is one member of Turks, he meet Lucrecia and falling in love with her. She always take care of Vincent when he infected with Chaos. Thats why Vincent always love him, even in the ending of Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus he says that he survive because of spirit from Lucrecia.

She is Sephiroth mother. When she pregnant, her boy which still in the wombs injected with Genova cell, this make Sephiroth have lots of incredible ability beyond human. But during the pregnancy she have lots of future vision about his unborn child, a vision of scream, scared and destruction. So she try all the thing to kill her unborn baby, and even try kill herself but always fail. At the end, she sealed herself into crystal, the party meet her in Final Fantasy VII, she asked if Sephiroth already die, and Vincent, to make her rest in peace, tell that Sephiroth already die during incident in Mako reactor.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 First Trailer

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