Friday, February 29, 2008

Shiva - Final Fantasy Summon Mythology

Shiva is the supreme god of the Hindu mythology. In the appearance and as usual, doesn't have any similarity with SHiva we known on Final Fantasy Series. Perhaps only in its blue skin and in the long hair, but nothing related to the ice. Shiva described as a god who always sitting on a large tiger skin and make the the meditation in Himalaya Mountain. He also described has three eyes (Tri Netra) that able to see through three world Bhur (Underworld), Bvah (Earth), Svah (Heaven). Shiva usually equipped with fuses or snakes as well as his bracelets. He was also said that his long hair flowing through river Ganges (Gangga). He was often represented alongside his trident and timbal, and has two legs and four arms.

Shiva is also known by other names such as Mahadeva, Sundaresvara, Natajara, Rudra or Baraiva. These names have meanings in Hindi as varied as "rugidor", "Lord of the Dance" or "Mr. Beautiful" among others. Shiva has a goddess wife named Parvati. They have two children, Skanda represented as a man of six heads and six arms and Ganesa portrayed as a woman with head elephant. In Final Fantasy Series, Shiva appear as one of the basic summon with it's sexy appearance and powerfull ice element, that will frost all enemy who faced her.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Odin - Final Fantasy Summon Mythology

Odin is the supreme god of Nordic mythology, he is the son of the giant Burr. He is a dark and evil god, able to revive the dead. His role was same like Zeus in Greek mythology. He was often represented by a long blue cloak covering his body, with a hat and an aged appearance. He lacks an eye because it is pulled and he left the giant Mimir (protector of good and wisdom as the Germans myth) as a pledge to stop him drink from the source of wisdom.

His most prized possessions are his horse Sleipner, son of Loki, which is Grey and heavens horse riding on his eight-legged, his spear Gungnir (forged by the children of Ivaldi) and his ring Draupnir. His best companions, aside from his steed eight legs are Huginn and Muninn, her two black crows that collect information throughout the world for their god and his two wolves: Geri and Freki.

Odin was associated with different women, which raised five children: Thor, Balder, Vale, Vali and Vidar. Odin alongside with his brothers (Vili and Ve) was able to defeat the dominant giant, Ymir, and use the parts of Ymir's body to created the world as we know it today. On Ragnarok which is Final battle between the god and the monsters, Odin dies on Fenrir. On the other story Odin also have lot's of virgin maiden battle servant called as Valkyrie. In Final Fantasy series, Odin appears as one of the most powerfull summon, with his "Zantetsuken" technique that will slash all enemy into pieces.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Diablos - Final Fantasy Summon Mythology

Diablos is Devil, also known as Lucifer or Satan that mentioned in the Bible and the New Testament. Diablos defined as the arch rival of God and the temptation for human. He is the most powerful of all the fallen angels and was expelled from heaven because of his arrogance.

His appearance or representation looks like a red creature with a long tail and thin just pointed and two horns on its head, usually associating the trident. Anyway, in the Christian culture, countless times that the Devil can be presented in front of indefinite forms of a human being, not only physically but in the form of temptations, dark desires ... Who will try to lead the victim "the wrong direction". His appearance more or less consistent with that shown in Final Fantasy VIII, where Diablos is a creature whose appearance reminds us of a fallen angel shape, with two horns and a tail, but in this case does not have any trident. In this game he called as "Dark Messenger" that bring fear to all of enemy that dare to face him.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Siren - Final Fantasy Summon Mythology

Sirens, according to Greek mythology, were the daughters of Aqueloo and a Muse. They are creature half woman and half bird. They had a very melodic and smoothing voice that no sailor could resist them, they could challenge the Muses in a singing contest.

Here, the Muses emerged victorious, and because of that sirens started have their precious bird wings. Sirens, after such a humiliation decided to flee to the coast of Sicily, where it is said that even reside. To avenge the affront of the Muses, they attracting sailors circulating in that area, they sing a beautiful songs. The sailors who hear this song could not avoid hearing, and approach them to die while the ship crashing against the rocks near the island. In our culture when we speak of a siren normally imagined with a creature where the top of his body is a woman and bottom is a fish like mermaid.

Siren appear as a very useful GF in Final Fantasy VII, with it's technique "Silent Voice" will give the enemy bad status for a long time of period.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lulu Profile

Lulu is one of the main characters in the Final Fantasy X . Yuna, Lulu, and his brother Wakka Chappu have grown together, Wakka and Lulu has a duty to protecting the youngest, Yuna who they claim as their little sister. Yuna is 17 years old, and Lulu 24 Wakka 22. Wakka suffers from the loss of his brother, Chappu, who had become a Banniseur to combat Sin. Chappu wanted to marry Lulu. The links between these characters are fairly similar.

The appearance of Lulu is black and elegant. She wears a long gray robe, giving it an air of vamp, but at the same time, the barricade belt which closes to her dress suggesting a more aggressive protection, heavier. In addition, his weapon is a Moogle doll, which also can be a doll of Pampa, Caït Sith or Moomba doll. Floral decoration of her dress is a mix between the wilted flowers of a gamine and primers for a bride. Lulu lost his parents, killed by Sin, when she was older than 5 years. His childhood was not very happy, therefore, like many other people on Spira, and lost by following his great love, Chappu. She remains as a widow, still young and beautiful, but very cold and stoic. Lulu is a specialist in black magic. According to its designers, it would be the strongest female character of all Final Fantasy series.

In Final Fantasy X-2 she married with Wakka, they develop their relationship and married 6 months after the ending event in Final Fantasy X. If we compare between Final Fantasy X and Final fantasy VIII, Lulu looks like Quistis for several reasons. First looks: even if Quistis is blond, their face a similar, with a strand of hair on the side and a chignon. And Lulu's dress was very similar with Edea.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yuna Profile

Yuna is the main female character from the Final Fantasy X RPG game together with Tidus. She becomes Summoner at 17 years old , summoner is a sacred ability that allows Yuna to call certain supernatural creatures called eons, at her command to the win the battle. Her mission is eliminating Sin, To achieve it, Yuna together with Tidus and their party companion must travel along Spira and discover a way how to defeat Sin.

Yuna is the daughter of the high Summoner Braska, who sacrifice his life 10 years before the main event to destroy Sin along with his companion Jetch and Auron. Yuna lives to destroy Sin as her father did, but for this time she will destroy it forever, and bringing peace all over Spira. Yuna felt in love with Tidus along the game story but at the ending she must leave Tidus to come back to his own dimension.

Yuna will also be the main character in Final Fantasy X-2, along with Rikku and Paine. The target in this game will seek Tidus, the boy who she loved and Tidus supposed died because at the end of Final Fantasy X is discovered that Tidus dimension is only an imagination created by Sin. But at the beginning of the Final fantasy X-2 an area identified where a strange sign appeared quite like Tidus dimension. Seeing this vision, She decided to join the the treasure hunter groups in the hope of finding Tidus. Later she will find another impossible love between Lenne and Shuyin, similar to her story with Tidus. Shuyin is a guy quite like Tidus, although it is not him. The boy uses an ancient weapon known as "Vegnagun" look like a bee, of a size and power greater than Sin. There are three endings to the game, and the most difficult to gain is when Yuna and Tidus meet each other on Besaid Beach.

Yuna Music Theme

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Auron Profile

Auron is one of the first and also the last party member joined with Tidus in Final Fantasy X, you will meet him in the Corsican adventure. He is a guardian of Bevelle and has been lived for ten years in the Zanarkand, where he met for the first time with Tidus. He has a scar over the right face and battles by keeping the left arm hung as if it were broken.

He use a Katana as his weapon, which is a long sword almost as long as his body, this was very similar with Sephiroth weapon (Masamune). His favorite phrases was "Enough", "Farewell", "No time to waste, let's go". He speaks little with the rest of the group, but he also has a good sense of humour. Yuna call him as "Sir Auron", although in theory, he is only a caretaker. He has several special techniques, including one called Quasar, which can sweep away the enemy from the battlefield, and Huragano, that does create a fire hurricane around the enemy.

Together with Jecht and Braska, he was participated in the destruction of the scourge of Speyer, the evil monster, Sin. But he lost and killed by an evil creature named Yunalesca. After his death, he remembered his promise made to Jecht (Tidus's father), He returned to his old world to care for the child. Unfortunately Since returning from death to the ground, the city of Zanarkand was destroyed during a game of Blitzball when the young Tidus playing in.

The strength of Sin creates a tunnel space-time and drag Auron and Tidus one thousand years forward in time. Auron and Tidus help Yuna, the daughter of his old companion Braska to annihilate Sin once again. This time permanently, and then he disappear because he already completed his mission.

To Zanardkan Theme

Friday, February 1, 2008

Tidus Profile

Tidus is a famous Blitzball player and become the main character in Final Fantasy X. Tidus was very famous in Zanarkand, but actually his world on Zanardkan was only an imaginary world, he transported to different world, a parallel world of Spira, to save that world from destruction caused by SIN. During the game he traveled in the Spira together with Yuna, Lulu, Wakka, Kimhari, Rikku and Auron to defeat Sin and free Spira from the evil. In the game he felt in love with Yuna and decided to protect Yuna along on their journey. In the ending of the game he must separated and say goodbye to Yuna because he must come back to his real world.

In the game he was 17 years old, he was a happy looking person, and also never hesitate to express clearly what he thinks and what he has on his heart, he is a young brief man who makes no secret of his feelings, this attitudes was very similar with Zidane attitudes in Final Fantasy IX.

He fights with a sword and has some time type of spells, such as "Boost". A special spells that allows a targeted party member to significantly increase the physical characteristics of attack and defense. He have balance both in power and in terms of flexibility and dexterity. His Overdrive technique is quite impressive, we able to execute it properly by press a button at the right time during a short period of time, the method that similar to the Squall's Limit Break in Final Fantasy VIII.

Tidus Music Theme

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