Friday, February 29, 2008

Shiva - Final Fantasy Summon Mythology

Shiva is the supreme god of the Hindu mythology. In the appearance and as usual, doesn't have any similarity with SHiva we known on Final Fantasy Series. Perhaps only in its blue skin and in the long hair, but nothing related to the ice. Shiva described as a god who always sitting on a large tiger skin and make the the meditation in Himalaya Mountain. He also described has three eyes (Tri Netra) that able to see through three world Bhur (Underworld), Bvah (Earth), Svah (Heaven). Shiva usually equipped with fuses or snakes as well as his bracelets. He was also said that his long hair flowing through river Ganges (Gangga). He was often represented alongside his trident and timbal, and has two legs and four arms.

Shiva is also known by other names such as Mahadeva, Sundaresvara, Natajara, Rudra or Baraiva. These names have meanings in Hindi as varied as "rugidor", "Lord of the Dance" or "Mr. Beautiful" among others. Shiva has a goddess wife named Parvati. They have two children, Skanda represented as a man of six heads and six arms and Ganesa portrayed as a woman with head elephant. In Final Fantasy Series, Shiva appear as one of the basic summon with it's sexy appearance and powerfull ice element, that will frost all enemy who faced her.