Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Freya Crescent Profile

Freya Crescent is another Playable character in Final Fantasy IX, the party meet her first time in Lindbulm, when Zidane goes to the Lindbulm Bar, and she being an opponent during the Monster Hunt Festival, She is a lancer from Cleyra, she has two hometown which is Burmecia and Cleyra, but she leave her hometown to search the one she love, Sir Frately who went missing without any trace on his mission. During her journey she stay near Tantalus Hideout in Lindbulm for a certain of period.

She meet with Sir Fratley when Queen Brahne attempt to destroy Cleyra, but unfortunately Sir Frately has lost his memories about Freya, and just meet in a short time period. At the end of the game, Freya reunite with Frately and together come back to Burmecia, and start their love story from the beginning as well as their plan to rebuild Burmecian Kingdom.

If compared with another Final Fantasy series, her job is a Dragoon, who have jump ability, but in this game Squaresoft give a differet touch of her Dragoon ability, from Dragoon healing, attacking and even supporting other party member.

Freya's Music Theme