Monday, December 17, 2007

Vivi Orunitia Profile

Vivi is a black mage character of Final Fantasy IX, he have lots of offense Black Magic that very useful in the battle. He first seen visiting Alexandria, when he want to watch I Want To Be Your Cannary. Latter in the game he knows that he is a prototype of Dummy Black Mage that created for Queen Brahne ambition to conquer Mist Continent, and his life is limited for 9 years.

When he was a kid he raised in Quans Dwelling by Quan, Quan looks like Quina's master perhaps they have relation in the past. Steiner usually call him as Master Vivi because his magic ability. For some skill, Steiner must combine Vivi's magic to do his Magic Sword skills. His most powerful magic is Doomsday, but unfortunately, it's only available to get at near ending of the game when he get his last weapon just a little bit to the Last Boss of Final Fantasy IX. Together with other party member he also help Zidane to regain his self confident in Terra, tell Zidane that Zidane was more lucky than him who have a longer lifetime.

Vivi's Music Theme