Friday, December 14, 2007

Zidane Tribal Profile

Zidane Tribal is the main character of Final Fantasy IX. He was a Genome created by Garland to replaced Kuja place, because Kuja have a limited life, Kuja who known this, send Zidane to Gaia. Zidane without knowing his mission head to Lindbulm when he finally found and raised by Baku, the leader of Tantalus. He works for Tantalus and be a thief, actually he is the one playable character who able to use special skill "Steal" that very useful to get some good stuff from boss battle.
At the first time, Tantalus want to kidnap Princess Garnet, they held a theater performance in the Alexandria Castle, but their plan canceled because Garnet ask them to kidnap herself. As the game running, Zidane begin to realize that he falling in love with Garnet.
Later in the game he and the other party member go to Terra, when he know he was only a genome human. He very shock when he know this, but with support from Garnet and all of his friend he begin to realize, that no matter some person background, the most important thing is how he runs his life and become useful for someone else.

At the ending Kuja save the party live and sacrifice himself. Zidane who was helped by Kuja refused to comeback to Alexandria together with other party member, because he want to save Kuja back. Until the ending of the game that is unknown he did it or not, because he return to Alexsandria himslef without any information about Kuja.

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