Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ellone, Raine and Julia Heartily Profile

Ellone is a mysterious girl who have ability to send one person memories into another body, she is Squall past "sys" who make his antisocial part begin, because when in orphanage she went missing without say anything to Squall. She send Laguna's memories into Squall and his friend, that appear in their dreams, but her ability is only view history, without ability to change any event inside it. Ultimecia need her power on plan to archives the Time Compression. Ultimecia use Galbadian Army to hunt her, and after her parent dies , she live with Raine and Laguna in Winhill, until kidnapped by Esthar soldier. After Laguna save her in Esthar she sent back into Winhill and stay with Raine until Raine dies. After that she move to Edea's Orphanage together with almost all of other Final Fantasy VIII character, other than Rinoa.

Raine is the woman who take care of Laguna after his fail mission on Centra. She live together with Ellone in small city Winhill. She was die after her boy was born, and according to the conversation in Ragnarok Spaceship, that boy is Squall, and his father is Laguna.

Julia Heartily
Julia Heartily first seen in Squall's dream when he take part as Laguna. She was a pianist in the Delling City Pub. She liked Laguna, but after Laguna sent into a mission and never come back she married with General Caraway, she has a daughter which is Rinoa. She has a dream to be a singer, and when Kiros visit Laguna in the Winhill, Kiros tell Laguna that she already publish a new song that titled " Eyes On me"