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Rinoa Heartilly Profile

Rinoa Heartilly is main Female character in Final Fantasy VIII. Enthusiastic, outsopken, emotional and honest with her feelings, who speaks her mind without reservation. Because of her ambition, which can sometimes be stubborn. The year before the start of the game, she was romantically involved with Seifer Almasy. Rinoa's weapon of choice is the Blaster Edge, a white ring mounted to his wrist that acts as a boomerang. She is assisted by his faithful dog, Angelo, during the battle. Later in the game, it becomes a second limit of breaking called Angel Wing, which becomes unmanageable for the remainder of the battle, acting on his own by casting spells with a lot more power.

Rinoa Limit Break "Angel Wing"

In the game, Rinoa is a member of the Owls Forest, a small faction of the resistance who seek to liberate the small nation of Timber Galbadian occupation. She is known as the "princess" of the group. Rinoa meets for the first time Squall in the SeeD inauguration ball in Balamb Garden. During the dance, and gets the charm usually antisocial Squall in the dance with her.
Its purpose for visiting the Garden revealed when the Forest Owls hire Squall, Zell Dincht and Selphie Tilmitt as mercenaries. She clashes with Squall Forest Owls during an operation, so soon his departure. However, she decides to stay with them, since they were forced to flee Wood, and just go along with them. At the end of a disk, Rinoa met with his father, with whom he has a rocky relationship.

Rinoa at SeeD inauguration

The disc two, which shares a moment with Squall in Fishermans Horizon, during a concert performed by the remaining members of the party. After that, the two characters are aware of the efforts of the people to force in a relationship. The party soon learns that Rinoa is the only main character who have not spent time in Edea's Orphanage . Later, Rinoa is owned by Ultimecia when she loses its influence on Sorceress Edea, causing Rinoa to lapse into a state like coma. Accordingly, Squall trying desperately to revive her, finally touring the country Esthar. However, Ultimecia manages to use Rinoa to Sorceress Adel release from prison of its orbit.
After Rinoa use expires, Ultimecia has Adel and leaves Rinoa to die in space. Squall their rescues, and the two try to share a personal moment in the Ragnarok spacecraft while the game of the song, "Eyes on Me" plays in the background. While this is happening, Squall Edea discovers that the power had been passed to Rinoa, in a turning point of his Sorceress. When the earth, Rinoa is sent to the Sorceress Memorial by Esthar, who fear their sorceress powers.

Rinoa at Balamb Garden Balcony Disc.2

However, Squall convinced by members of his party to rescue her. The two shared a hug at Memorial Sorceress, which is also represented at the opening cutscene, and continue their search. During the game ending she meets with Squall, and kiss him for the first time in Balamb Garden balcony, when the winning celebration against ultimecia held in Balamb Garden .

Final Fantasy VIII Music :

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Index.of PSone Emulator Room

Connectic Virtual Game Station (CVGS)
Click here to download CVGS 1.3
Click here to download VGS Video Patch XP ( To run it windows XP )
Adaptec ASPI 4.72 (Required for Win2000/XP)
VGS PC 1.3 Modchip

ePSXe Download
Click here to download ePSXe version 1.5.2
Click here to Download the plugin pack
Adaptec ASPI 4.72 (Required for Win2000/XP)
To run this Emulator you should have at least scph1001.bin
index.of : scph1000.bin, scph1001.bin, scph7502.bin :
Click here to download scph1000.bin, scph1001.bin, or scph7502.bin
Click Here to learn how to configure ePSXe

pSX 1.4 Download
Click here to download pSX 1.4
Click here to download the plugin pack
Click here to download scph1000.bin, scph1001.bin, or scph7502.bin
Required d3dx9_26.dll

More info :
Visit :

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Squall Leonheart Profile

Squall Leonheart is the main character of Final Fantasy VIII, According flashbacks in the game, Squall grew up in an orphanage, along with many of the other main characters, as Zell, Seifer, Selphie, Irvine and Quistis. Squall is known as a "lone wolf", because he very cold to another people and also he never explained his feelings, even he also acting cold to his allies. His feeling slowly change since he meet Rinoa.

His superiors, as his teacher, Quistis Trepe, regard him as difficult to treat but with great respect. He is also known for his stoicism in some situations. In the cutscene which meets for the first time Rinoa, who take him into dancing with her in the SeeD graduation ball. He awkwardly potholes elsewhere while constantly looking at his feet with a look of confusion.

The grooves are dragged unwillingly into the role of hero when the Cid, director of Balamb Garden, and tell Squall to be the head of the Balamb Garden academy half of the game.
He is often thrown into a leadership role, as is event when Balamb Garden attacked by the Galbadia, Squall give his very good words to support the member of Balamb Garden during the fighting, he also take a leader position when attacked Galbadia Base. As time progresses, it grows more comfortable with the leadership role, especially when it comes time to defeat Ultimecia, the antagonist.
Squall has a clear rivalry with Seifer Almasy. The opening sequence represents the duel in which he won his characteristic facial scar Squall (and subsequently gave an almost identical one to Seifer; Squall's starts in his right eye and went to his left cheek, while Seifer goes left to right) And scenes where Squall and Seifer is supposed to be characterized by cooperation disputes between the two cadets. Later, apparently Seifer allies himself with the Sorceress, which requires Squall battle him several times. Even Seifer kill my Favorite GF in the game, Odin with his Zantetsuken.
Squall and Rinoa, dance at SeeD party

There are strong indications that in the game Laguna Loire is the father of Squall. With Ellone power, sometimes Squall can role into Laguna past story, and the other party as Kiros and Ward. Ellone also mentions that Raine - apparently died in childbirth, and had a baby boy. When Squall is caught, all Moomba keep referring to the gap as Squall (later indicated that the people of Moomba recognize their blood, suggesting a tie between Squall and Laguna). Towards near the end of the game, aboard the Ragnarok, Kiros and Ward say Squall and the resemblance to his mother and father difference. Laguna also intends to say something to Squall, but prefers not because of the circumstances.
Squall appears as a non-playable character in Kingdom Hearts, although it seems older. He carries a short leather jacket with red wings on the back, like the decor Rinoa clothes, but still bears his Griever necklace and still have the scar on the forehead. Although his appearance and age change (in Kingdom Hearts, which is 25, while in Final Fantasy VIII, which is 17), his personality remains the same. A version based on the memory of Leon appears in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. He returns in Kingdom Hearts II, Leon still leads the entire Kingdom Hearts, only to receive a skin ruff on the collar of his jacket. Squall also is a character in secret Chocobo Racing and Itadaki Street Special.

Squall as "Leon" in Kingdom Heart

Final Fantasy VIII Liberi Fatali Music :

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Cait Sith Profile

Cait Sith is a cat robot that appear firstly at Final Fantasy VII, party can find him on the Gold Saucer, Cait Sith ride a giant winged Moogle robot, but at the first meeting he is Controlled by Reeve Tuesti, Cait Sith used to spy Avalanche movement. This known when he steal Keystone that used to access the Temple of the Ancient.

Cait Sith Artwork in Final Fantasy VII

But in Temple of the Ancient, Cait Sith sacrifice himself to save other Avalanche member from the destroy of that temple ruins. That is end of Cait Sith #no.1, altough after that Cait Sith was reproduced. He use a megaphone as his weapon.

Caet Sith and Red XIII in Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children

In Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children he also make his second appearance, different with it's prequel this time Cait Sith didn't ride a moogle but he ride Red XIII. Cait Sith and Red XIII appear when Avalanche fight with the Bahamut at the Town Square. He also seen in the Sierra airship, and Marlene hold him when in Aerith church near the end of the game.

Cait Sith in Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus

In Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus, he is the other one that Vincent Valentine that able to use (playable character). He also have a minigame of himslef like beat Rosso the Crismon, or Nero the Sable. He also used as a spy in search about Mako Reactor activity.

Caet Sith also appear in Final Fantasy VII : Before Crisis, and Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core, but not in very important part. Caith Sith name appear in many other Square-Enix Game, like in Chocobo Tales, or Final Fantasy X-2 and Final Fantasy X as a mascot costume, or weapon even and pplace name in Kingdom Heart series.

Caith Sith Theme :

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Yuffie Kisaragi Profile

Yuffie Kisaragi also start her appearance in Final Fantasy VII, game for Playstation One console, she able to meet in a random game in the forest near of Junon, if you beat her and you answer the correct option she will join you.

Yuffie Kisaragi Artwork in Final Fantasy VII
She is a "Materia Hunter" from Wutai, she hunt materia to support her country to get victory, latter at the middle of game story she will steal the materia, but she will return back when saved from Don Corneo. In a sidequest to get Leviathan materia we also need her to take pagoda sidequest.

Yuffie in Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children
Yuffie also appear in Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children, she help the Avalanche member fight against Bahamut, she towards to Midgard to search the Wutai children who went missing.

Yuffie in Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus
In Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus, she have important part on this game, she often help Vincent mission, like sneak into Omega weapon and turn of it's power.

Yuffie in Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core
Yuffie kisaragi also appear in Final Fantasy VII : Before Crisis, we can meet him when we go to Wutai, also in Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core, Zack will meet Yuffie at one of the Treasure Hunt sidequest. But in this game Yuffie just ran away from Zack.

Yuffie Kisaragi Music Theme :

Red XIII Profile

Red XIII is a large red lion shaped character in Final Fantasy VII, like the other Final Fantasy VII, he start his appearance at Final Fantasy VII game. Cloud and the party firstly found him in Hojo laboratory on their journey in Shinra's Building to save Aerith from Shinra. He help and join Cloud's party from that time.

Red XIII Final Fantasy VII artwork by Tetsuya Nomura

Red XIII is son's of Seto, He firstly think that his father was a coward because leave the people at Cosmo Canyon when Gi tribe attacking and shame to be Seto's son, but all of that change after visit he visit Cosmo Canyon and knowing the truth from Bugenhagen that his father isn't a coward, but a hero. His father didn't run away but try to lure Gi Tribe, fight and finally defeat Gi Tribe by himself altough he was attacked by poisoning arrows and spear that turning his body into a stone. After that scenes he begin to realize his father truth and decides to follow Cloud party once again. Because he knows that his fahter is really a very brave hero. After Final Fantasy VII Credit roll over we can se that he Running away to the end of Midgards cliff and start roaring.

Red XIII in Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children

He also make his appearance in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, but only take a little path only appear at the beginning of the movie, when fight with Bahamut, in the Sierra airship also at the church near the game ending, in this movie, Caet Sith mostly look ride him at his back.

Red XIII with Shelke in Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus

In Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus he also make his appearance by helping Vincent at beginning of the game also when the ending with Shelke in front of "Seven Heaven Bar".

Cosmo Canyon Theme :

Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core Opening FMV

As we can see in this opening FMV of Final fantasy VII : Crisis Core, main character is Zack who will be Cloud past in Final Fantasy VII as well as Advent Children.

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Cid Highwind Profile

Cid Highwind is an airship master from Final Fantasy VII, as we know that Cid always appear in every Final fantasy Game, but they are not as famous as Cid in Final Fantasy VII, like Cid as Ballamb GardenHeadmaster in Final Fantasy VIII, or King Cid a king from Lindbulm in Final Fantasy IX. His first appearance is in Final Fantasy VII Game that released by Squaresoft in 1997 for Playstation Console.

Cid Highwind Artwork by Tetsuya Nomura in Final Fantasy VII

The party seeing him first time in Rocket Town when try to escaping from Shinra's SOLDIERs, the party borrow his Tiny Bronco for escaping, however Tiny Bronco at that time only able to walk in the swallow sea. Further in the game he piloted "Highwind" the final airship used in Final Fantasy VII, that be last airship in Final Fantasy VII. Cid highwind uses all kind of Spear for his weapon and from the original artwork by Tetsuya Nomura, he always some a cigarette. But actually different than

Cid appearance in Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children

In Final Fantasy VII Advent Children he also make his appearance by help other member Avalanche in Town square when fight against Bahamut, also introducing a new version of Highwind that he named Sierra.

Cid Highwind as WRO's Airship Division Leader in Dirge of Cerberus

In Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus he also take an important part which is to be the Leader of Airship Division in WRO ( World Regeneration Organization) and also lead the attack to Midgard.

Highwind Theme Final Fantasy VII :

Angeal Genesis and Sephiroth in Fight

This video when Angeal Sephiroth and Genesis seen in a fight at Training Ground, this video taken from one FMV ini Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core.

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