Saturday, October 3, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Complete Trailer on TGS 2009

Here are a new Final Fantasy XIII Trailer showed at TGS 2009. Some of the same videos on youtube have been removed, so watch it while you can

Thanks to webreg32487 for uploading it at youtube.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII New spoiler images

Here are some new screenshot from Final Fantasy XIII, including the new seen Girl character Serah Farron but i think she will only be the minor character and didn't playable but used as an important character during Final Fantasy XIII storyline.

There are also some new screenshot of Odin summoning and how Lightning became Odin but the system are not clear yet.

There are two new screenshot for Final Fantasy XIII - Agito but it not quite surprising after all. Just ordinary graphic and not stunning like Final Fantasy XIII, but I thinks it reasonable because Final Fantasy XIII - Agito will be released for PSP. But I kinda bored with a Yu-Gi-Oh game things I Hope FFXII - Agito will change my mind.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 First Trailer

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