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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Preview
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a video game for the Nintendo GameCube. It is the first Final Fantasy game on a Nintendo console since Final Fantasy VI as well as the second Square-produced game on a Nintendo platform. The game follows the quest of various fictional races to replenish the magic crystals that keep them safe from the miasma of poisonous gas that has enveloped their world.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Storyline
The world is covered by a miasma poisonous In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles to the four races: Selkies, Lilties, Clavats, and Yukes. Despite this, cities are located in several places, protected by magical crystals that fend off the miasma temporarily. In order to maintain the power of the crystals, each city recruits a crystal caravan. These caravans carry with them a "crystal chalice", a magical container with a shard of protective crystal attached. The caravans then travel around the world, seeking trees of the magical essence myrrh, which recharges the power of the crystals.
In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, players take on the role of caravaners from a small town that they may name themselves, and work to maintain their town's crystal and locate and destroy the miasma. To do this, they visit many other cities, cross oceans, and explore dungeons, fields, caves, and other varied locales in order to obtain myrrh and acquire better equipment. The trees of myrrh are universally guarded by strong monsters, so it is up to the players to defeat them and gain access to the trees.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Character
Many characters are encountered throughout the game. Although they each have their own story to tell, some are more memorable than others.
  • Amidatty: the rather eccentric leader of the Yuke caravan from Shella.
  • De Nam: A rather peculiar Selkie who players meet in Shella. He is studying magic and wants to one day rid the world of miasma.
  • Gurdy: The rather untrustworthy Clavat makes his living out of cheating people out of their money.
  • Hurdy: A traveling priest who is apparently Gurdy's brother.
  • Mog: A moogle who carries the chalice for the player in single-player mode.
  • Princess Fiona: The half Lilty half Clavat princess of Alfitaria.
  • Raem: An evil demon or monster who consumes people's memories.
  • The Scholar of Tipa
  • Sol Racht: The Lilty leader of the Alfitaria caravan.
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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Screenshot

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers Info

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Preview
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is an upcoming Wii RPG by Square Enix Development. Crystal Bearers will be a more "single-player experience", as opposed to the GameCube installment which focused on cooperative play. Players will be able to use crafted items in multiplayer mode and items won in multiplayer within the game. New items and accesories will be shown visually on the characters. The game director stated he wanted a more "world weary" protagonist, and wanted him to seem rugged, which influenced the hair design of the character. The game will feature a more "mature" design to help bolster the heroic structure of the story. The game features the same world as Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles that is populated by four races.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Screenshot

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Info

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Preview
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates is an upcoming Nintendo DS RPG by Square-Enix. It is a sequel to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the GameCube. The game takes advantage of both the local wireless and Wi-Fi capabilities of the system and features voice acting.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Storyline and Character

Rings of Fate takes place during a time "when the moon shone red and people feared the crystal." Ring of Fates follows two protagonists named Yuri and Chelinka. Story elements include fraternal love, and recurring elements such as the four races and crystals, though the latter have a smaller part, are present.
Yuri: Chelinka's twin brother, uses a sword as his weapon.
Elinka: Yuri's twin sister.
Meeth: Lilty, joins the two main characters later on in the quest.
Alhanalem: Yuke, a spell caster.
Gnash: A Selkie boy.
Ratov: Father of Yuri and Chelinka.

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Secret :
• Extra dungeon:
Clear the game once and continue the new game+ file. Clear the second Varl Mountain event to access the extra dungeon.
• Hard mode Clear all stages once.
• Very Hard mode Clear all stages on Hard mode.
• New game ++
Finish the game in New Game + to unlock New Game ++

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Screenshot

Final Fantasy VII : DoC - Lost Episode

Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode Preview
Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode is a Japanese third person shooter role-playing game was developed and published by Square Enix. Unveiled at E3 '06, the game was released on August 18 in North America. First only available on Amp'd mobile phones, the game was eventually also made available on Verizon's V Cast network. It was also unveiled as a flagship title for NTT DoCoMo’s Foma 903i handset at the 2006 Tokyo Game Show.

Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode Storyline
Three years after Meteorfall from the original Final Fantasy VII, the world is threatened by the Deepground soldiers, a mysterious army of bloodthirsty warriors. Vincent Valentine learns that the soldiers are searching for him in the hopes of harvesting the Protomateria from his body. He decides to investigate the Shinra Mansion in an effort to uncover the truth about his own past—and the mystery behind the Protomateria as well. Reeve Tuesti's goal is to find information on the DG written by Dr. Lucrecia Crescent. On his way to the mansion, his chopper is attacked by the Deepground. He survives and makes his way to the Shinra Manor, fighting countless Deepground Soldiers.

Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode Screenshot

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Information

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Review
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Fuuketsu no Grimoir is yet another installment in The Ivalice Alliance, which is an umbrella term covering all the games that relate in some way to Ivalice, the main world in Final Fantasy XII. Although Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was on the GBA, this sequel is going to be published on the Nintendo DS. It has been referred to as the third game in a set of games called the "Ivalice Alliance", the first being Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (for the Nintendo DS) and the second being Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (for the PlayStation Portable), a port of the original Final Fantasy Tactics.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Storyline
The setting is similar to that of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy XII. There are seven playable races in the game: Hume, Moogle, Viera, Bangaa, Seeq, Nu Mou and Gria. Chronologically, the game takes place some time after Final Fantasy XII.
Similar to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Luso was a mischievous boy who lived in the real world until he was punished for a prank he pulled just before summer break. Locked away in the library, Luso finds an old book and writes his name on it. The book then transports him into the world of Ivalice. Rather than wishing to return home, Luso decides to venture the world farther However, unlike in the previous installment, the main character travels to the real Ivalice, instead of a creation of his imagination born of strong feelings, this fact is reinforced by the reappearances of familiar characters such as Vaan and Penelo.
Additionally, references to Final Fantasy Tactics are present through the existence of the Kamyuja criminal organization, which first appeared in Final Fantasy Tactics in relation to the characters Malak and Rafa Galthana.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Character
  • Luso - The mischievous brown-haired Hero of the story, who was transported to Ivalice. He is not even disturbed by his cross-world situation but yearns for adventure.
  • Adel - The story's silver-haired and energetic Heroine, a thief-type fighter. She is a hunter who lives her life freely as she wishes, and is known among her hunter comrades as "Cat Adel". Determined and shrewd.
  • Cid - appears as a chief of a group of hunters known as the Gari Clan. He is introduced into the story by saving the hero, Luso, from the grasping claws of a monster.
  • Hardy - A Moogle who is one of Montblanc's siblings, and Gurdy's twin brother, who left Rabanastre.
  • Illua - A woman of an infamous criminal syndicate called Kamyuja who owns a certain Grimoire.
  • Lezaford - An elderly character who is known as the Rune Master.
  • Vaan and Penelo , both from Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, will reappear in the game
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Screenshot

Final Fantasy Tactic : War of Lion Information

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Preview
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is a strategy-based console role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix for the Sony PlayStation Portable handheld game console. The game is an updated version of Final Fantasy Tactics for the PlayStation video game console. The War of the Lions is the second announced game in the "Ivalice Alliance" campaign, a promotion of video games set in the Ivalice fictional world.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Character Info
The game adds two new character classes; the Onion Knight, taken from Final Fantasy III, and the Dark Knight, which was previously only available to one character, Gafgarion. In addition, The War of the Lions contains new characters, including Balthier from Final Fantasy XII. Balthier is said to feature an "important role", branded as a heretic in search of the "Cache of Glabados". He joins Ramza while he searches for his sister, Alma. Another new character, a monster hunter named Luso from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift also joins Ramza.

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Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Screenshot

Final Fantasy Tactic Advance

Final Fantasy Tactic Advance Preview
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a tactical role-playing game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. A spin-off to the popular Final Fantasy series, the game shares several traits with 1997's Final Fantasy Tactics, though it is not a sequel. The player assembles a clan of individual characters, and controls their actions over grid-like battlefields. Players are mostly free to decide the classes, abilities and statistics of their characters.

Final Fantasy Tactic Advance Storyline
The game's story centers on four children — Marche, Mewt, Ritz, and Doned — who live in a small town named St. Ivalice. The children are transported to a realm of the same name as their town, "Ivalice," after discovering an ancient magical book. This magical realm of Ivalice appears to be Mewt's manifestation of the video game "Final Fantasy," which he had played.
The game's story takes place in Ivalice, a world created when four ordinary children — Marche Radiuju, Mewt Randell, Ritz Malheur, and Doned Radiuju — come across an old book which Mewt purchases at his local used bookstore. Unaware that the book is the legendary Gran Grimoire with the power to change the world as its readers desires, the children transform their hometown of St. Ivalice into the Ivalice of a fantasy world. The fantasy Ivalice is supposedly a reincarnation of Mewt's memories from a Final Fantasy game.

Final Fantasy Tactic Advance Character
The story of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance revolves around three primary characters; Marche Radiuju, the main character who battles the dream worlds of his friends; Ritz Malheur, a stubborn girl who speaks her mind and changes sides in her struggle for self acceptance; and Mewt Randell, a boy whose mother died that discovers a magical entity that changed the world into the world of Ivalice. There are also secondary characters, such as Doned Radiuju, Marche's little brother who does not desire to return to the real world, since he is sick in the real world and well in the dream one, and Cid Randell, Mewt's father who becomes the Judgemaster of Ivalice.

Final Fantasy Tactic Advance Character Screenshot

Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics Review
Final Fantasy Tactics is a tactical role-playing game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) for the Sony PlayStation video game console. The game is set in the kingdom of Ivalice during a period of war. The story follows Ramza Beoulve, a young cadet who finds himself thrust into the middle of the conflict.
The game combines thematic elements of the Final Fantasy video game series with a game engine and battle system unlike anything previously seen in the franchise. In stark contrast to other 32-bit era Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy Tactics uses a 3D, isometric, rotatable playing field, with bitmap sprite characters

Final Fantasy Tactics Storyline
This game requires a bit of backround information on what's happening and why. It explains it in the game but it's kind of confusing. First off, everything up to the ending of FFT is explained in the beginning of the game. Alazam the scholar tells a tale of a young man, who stops this big war refered to as "The Lion War". It also mixes in tales from the "Zodiac Brave Story", which is basically a tale of 12 legendary knights that each carried a Zodiac stone and they sealed this great demon a long time ago. It also mentions about the "Fifty Year War", which happend right before the beginning of the game.
Alazam's tale tells us that Delita is the hero written in history that stops the war, but it hints at the fact that there might have been someone else who is the "real" hero. The story begins as history is retold in the view of this "real hero".

Final Fantasy Tactics Character
  • Ramza Beoulve - The main hero, Ramza, is the son of the Fifty Year War hero (Balbanes Beoulve). Half brother to Dycedarg Beoulve, Zalbag Beoulve, and full brother to Alma Beoulve, Ramza believes in justice and honor. Best friends with Delita since childhood, Ramza journeys for truth and answers.
  • Agrias Oaks - The personal bodyguard of Princess Ovelia, Agrias is a Holy Knight from Lesalia. Her main goal is to keep Ovelia safe, and to protect her whenever necessary. A strong believer in honor, Agrias hardly trusts anybody except her own knights and the princess.
  • Delita Hyral - The legendary commoner who became king and stopped The Lion War as written in the scriptures, Delita has not always been ambitious and power hungry. A horrible experience and a tragic loss made him snap and go nuts. Best friends with Ramza, is Delita really the true hero?
  • Alma Beoulve - The younger sister to Ramza, Alma is one of the only people besides Delita that supports Ramza. A very powerful priest, Alma wishes for Ramza's safety as he journeys for answers.
  • Ovelia - The princess that Agrias guards with her life, she spends her time atoning for all the sins that she has committed. Being that of a generous and kind person, Ovelia has spent her whole life believing that her life had meaning in the world.
  • Cloud Strife - In a secret recruitment character, you also able to add Cloud Strife, main character of Final Fantasy VII, as your party member.

Final Fantasy Tactics Screenshot

Final Fantasy Tactic Music :

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Final Fantasy XIII : Versus

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Review :
Final Fantasy Versus XIII is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 3 video game console. Alongside Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII, the game is a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII compilation.
In recent interview translations, Nomura says the game will play like a more realistic version of Kingdom Hearts with some elements of a third-person shooter similar to Dirge of Cerberus. New interviews have stated Nomura's wish to push away from "light magical" styles (he specifically references Kingdom Hearts) and opt for a much bleaker realistic world. He wants the characters to be perceived as believable humans that the player can relate to rather than simply fabricated characters

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Storyline
The game focuses on a mysterious protagonist, the last heir of a dynasty ruling over the only remaining city in the world to control crystals. Under unforeseen circumstances, he is forced to make a stand when his kingdom, people, and its crystals come under attack from marauders seeking to conquer the city and take the crystals as their own.
The main character's country appears to be very advanced and modern, as one example, while neighboring countries appear to have remained in an era similar to the Middle Ages. The main power in the world are the Crystals. All the countries (aside from the protagonist's) have had them at one time, only to lose them in continual warfare. They had pooled their resources into weapons, granting them advanced rifles rather than swords and magic. Now, only the main character's country has a Crystal, triggering debate over its use as it is beneficial to the military. Recently, a peace treaty was discussed. However, marauders with guns invade the city as the main character battles them, disrupting the peace

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Character
The protagonist is a mysterious young man with dark blue-ish gray hair with matching eyes. He is the last heir to a dynasty, ruling the only remaining city in the world which controls crystals. He protects his home from marauders that plan to conquer the city and take the crystals as their own. He wields a number of different weapons, including swords, spears, and lances, and can even induce them (telekinetically or otherwise) to independently move in the air to form a whirling barrier around himself. He has also demonstrated the power of instantaneous teleportation.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Screenshot

Final Fantasy XIII : Versus main character

Main character in front of a lot of enemy soldier

Main character from side view

Main Character and lot of weapon surrounding him

Final Fantasy XIII Town

Main character outside of the palace

Final Fantasy XIII : Agito

Final Fantasy XIII : Agito Preview
Final Fantasy Agito XIII is a video game for mobile phones which, alongside Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, makes up the compilation Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy XIII so far.
The game is set in a magic school named Akademia and will gradually expand to the larger world outside of the school. It is described as an online RPG, but not "massively multiplayer.
There are thirteen characters revealed, 12 of whom appear to be students. Weapons include longsword, katana, handguns, a shotgun, a mace, a bow and arrow, a spear, a scythe, an extending flail, bare fists, a flute and a deck of tarot cards. The thirteenth character is a Moogle used in previous Final Fantasy games. The character with the deck of cards has been revealed to have a greater importance than the other characters (shown in a pamphlet at the 2006 Tokyo Game Show).

Final Fantasy XIII : Agito Screenshot

Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII Compilation

Final Fantasy XIII Review
Final Fantasy XIII is an upcoming console role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 3 as a part of the Final Fantasy video game series. First appearing at E3 2006, the game features a futuristic, high-tech world. Only two characters have been revealed thus far: a woman, with the code name Lightning, who wields a weapon which functions as a sword and a firearm; and an unnamed man who is her ally. Along with Final Fantasy Versus XIII and the mobile phone game Final Fantasy Agito XIII, Final Fantasy XIII is part of the project known as Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII, but is neither a prequel nor a sequel to any of the two other installments. Square Enix explained that although all three games take place in the same universe, they are not directly related in terms of story.

Final Fantasy XIII Battle system
The concept for Final Fantasy XIII's battle system is to maintain the strategic side of 'command input' battles while also including the excitement found in 'fast-paced' battles. Like recent entries in the franchise, the game will be in real time, without any random battles.[4] It has been confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII will have parties.
As seen in the E3 2006 trailer, battles are menu driven. Commands are selected from a reel on the bottom left side of the screen. Each command has an ATB Cost, which reduces the ATB bar. It is believed that the bar fills up over time, like the traditional ATB system, but in Final Fantasy XIII you can input commands while it is still filling.

Final Fantasy XIII Storyline
Two locations have been revealed to the public so far; Pulse and Cocoon. The world of Final Fantasy XIII is called Pulse. The overworld is plagued by monsters, though little else is known about it.
Cocoon was created by a Crystal as the ideal environment for humans to live in. It is a haven for humankind against Pulse. Cocoon is a beautiful city, floating in the sky. It is defended by the Crystal which created it (Cocoon's Crystal), and has many advanced technologies protecting it. The Crystal creates many things for the city and its inhabitants, such as machines for the people to use. It also produces living beings and raises them. The Crystal closely looks after its people.
The people of Cocoon perceive everything outside of Cocoon (the world of Pulse) as dangerous, and fear it. Those who have been influenced by the people of Pulse (Outsiders), are quarantined by the "Holy Government" of Cocoon, and deported to Pulse. The prisoners shown in the E3 2006 trailer are being deported
The Crystals in Final Fantasy XIII have conscious thought; they are living beings. They can create things, and so it is likely the people of Final Fantasy XIII's world see them as gods. We know of two Crystals in the world of Final Fantasy XIII; Cocoon's and Pulses'. Cocoon's Crystal created the city and cares for it. Everything outside Cocoon is controlled by Pulses' Crystal. It is not known if there are more Crystals.

Final Fantasy XIII Characters
  • Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII's main character is a young woman with strawberry-blonde hair. She uses the codename "Lightning" to hide her true identity, though she does not know it herself. She is the Crystal's chosen one (we do not know which Crystal), on a mission to destroy the floating city Cocoon
  • Unnamed Man, A blond, bandanna-wearing male who rides a motorcycle and wields a gun (possibly a sniper rifle). In the Jump Festa 2006 trailer, he is shown coming to Lightning's aid when she is outnumbered by soldiers. Very little is known about him. He is currently nicknamed "Mr. 33cm", which is supposed to be his shoesize.
  • Unnamed Girl, Seen in the TGS07 trailer, she is a pinkish-haired girl wielding a bow who seems to be an ally of Lightning. Nothing else is known at this point.

Final Fantasy XIII Screenshot

Final Fantasy XIII-2 First Trailer

After succeed with Final Fantasy XIII , Square-Enix decided to create it's sequel. Named Final Fantasy XIII-2 . The gameplay and storyli...