Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Aldebert Steiner Profile

Aldebert Steiner is an Alexandria Royal Guard, he is Captain of Knight of Plutos which have 12 knight members. His duty is protect Alexandria as well as protect Princess Garnet. He always use full heavy armor during the game, and it's very noisy, that make Zidane call him as Rusty. For the first time he hate Zidane because he kidnap Princess Garnet, and he following Zidane until Prima Vista Airship has crash landed in the forest. After that his journey with the party begin.

On disc.2 when Garnet want to come back to Alexandria and stop her mother plan, he accompanied her until Garnet summoning ability absorbed and he rested in jail shapped like bird cage. together with Marcus, a tantalus member. After knowing that Queen Brahne, the one he served was have an evil ambition, he decided to join with Zidane's team and battle against her. He have a special ability which is Magic Sword, but this need Vivi together in the battle. Vivi will enchanted Steiner's sword with his powerfull black magic ability, and Steiner will use it to slash the enemy. That's why he always call Vivi as his master.

Steiner love General Beatrix, because Eiko's failed love letter to Zidane. For the first time General Beatrix is a hard enemy, seen first Time in Cleyra, she have a powerfull skill Climhazard and has only one weapon, which is "Save The Queen", at disc.3 Steiner fight the Myst monster together with her when attempt to protect Alexandria from Bahamut attack, right before Garnet call great summon Alexander

Steiner's Music Theme

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