Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Adel, Griever, and Ultimecia Profile

Adel is the most powerfull sorceress from Esthar initiated by the Sorceress War. She is the ruler of Esthar, she ordered all of her soldier to kiddnap all girls to find a new suitable for her successor. When Esthar revolution Laguna and Dr. Odine place her in a prisson in outer space, she then frozened. Ultimecia use her when Edea free from his control. Ultimecia control Rinoa to free Adel, and leave Rinoa to die in the outer space. Ultimecia want to use Adel for the new vessel to archieve the plan to cast time compression. The battle against Adel occur when she tries to absorb Rinoa in Lunatic Pandora.

Griever is a Guardian Force in Squall mind. He is the strongest Guardian Force ever but unfortunately he is non usable. He appear only when Ultimecia control him to beat SeeD at her castle.

Ultimecia is the main enemy of Final Fantasy VIII, altough her role was unknown until disc three of the game. She control Edea Kramer to take over Galbadian Army, and kill the President Vincer Delling. She makes Edea gains control of all Galbadians. After Edea break free from her Control, she use Rinoa who gain Edea sorcery power to free Adel in the Outer Space prison. She have an ability to travel through the time and control the other sorceress. Her plan is to cast Time Compression which will make all era and time will be merged together. All life will destroy in all time past present and future time, and she the only one wil still remain. Squall and his friend use her time compression spell to go to her era and beat her. She have three form, the original form, jucntion with the Griever form and Final Form.