Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Configure Visual Boy Advance

Today I try to play Final Fantasy I and II and also Final Fantasy Tactics for Game Boy Advanced in my computer. Using a Visual Boy Advanced emulator which can play GBA game freely.

Well here are some of screen shot on how to configure it.

I. Download Visual Boy Advanced, an emulator for GBA here.

II. Extract the Visual Boy Advance zip.

III. Download Final Fantasy GBA Roms Here.

IV. Extract the game

V. Run The Visual Boy Advance.

VI. Drag the ROMs to Visual Boy Advance Window.

VII. Then... Happy playing ;)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Index Of Final Fantasy GBA ROM

Here are some roms For Final Fantasy in GBA.
Please note that this blog didn't provide the roms but only provide the informations, so feel free to download and use it on your own risk.

Final Fantasy Tactics (JP) or here

Final Fantasy I

Final Fantasy I & II

Enjoy ;)

Angeal Hewley Profile

Many of Crissis Core fans asked me why I am not including Angeal in one of the Final Fantasy Profile, well it's a kind of shame but"I Forget it". OK, here are complete profile of Angeal, one of great Final Fantasy VII character.

Angeal Hewley is Shinra's SOLDIER 1st Class who acts as a teacher and senior to Zack to whom he seems to have become something of a patron. Angeal is a respected 1st Class SOLDIER and has a great sense of responsibility and wisdom. He is Sephiroth and Genesis companion to, the latter of whom he grew up with in the rural village of Banora. Angeal is the original owner of the Buster Sword of Zack Fair, which was purchased by his late father using all of family's saving for him . Later the Buster Sword was given to Zack and Zack give him to Cliud at Crissis Core Ending.

Angeal tends not to use the weapon, however, stating that "use brings about wear, tear and rust". When Zack encounters him in the Midgar Plate interior, it is revealed that, as a result of genetic manipulation through Project G, Angeal bears two white wings on his right shoulder. Angeal's surname is taken from the Greek word "hyle" which is mean "materia" in Latin.

(Article Source : Wikipedia)

Gerat Angeal Wallpaper
ANgeal Hewley Crissis Core Wallpaper

Friday, February 13, 2009

Configure No$gba, Nintendo DS Emulator

Today I tried to play Final Fantasy XIII : Revenant Wing on my computer, using No$gba Emulator.
Maybe some of you guys want to try to play it and don't have a Nintendo DS, just try to follow my short tutorial.

I. Download No$gba emulator from

II. After you download extract it to your desktop with any extractor (7zip, winzip, or winrar)

III. Extract the zip file to your desktop and you will have file like this.

IV. NO$GBA.EXE with icon triangle-like is the executor.

V. Place your Final Fantasy NDS Roms in the No$gba 2.6 in desktop as above.

VI. Open No$gba.exe and open the Final Fantasy Roms you used. (click here to get the roms)

VII. You can configure the controls in the menu on the top screen

VIII. Now let's the game begin.
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Nintendo DS Roms.

Note :
Please note that this blog didn't provide the roms or the emulator, this blog only provide the information about it. Download and use it on your own risk.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Index of NDS Final Fantasy Games

Here are some roms of Final Fantasy used at Nintendo DS.
To play it on the computer you can used NDS Emulator.

Final Fantasy XII - Revenant Wings [US]
Download here.
Mirror Link

Final Fantasy III NDS
Download here.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fate
Download here.
Mirror Link.

Final Fantasy Fables : Chocobo Tales
Download here.

Once again please note that this roms provided by another site which different and not related to this blog. I just give an Information, so download it on your own risk.

Download Classic Final Fantasy Game for your mobile phone

Here are for of Classic Final Fantasy Games available for java Mobile phone.
The game is in .jar and .jad
Thanks to DarknessSummoner at to share this file

Final Fantasy Adventure
Download here.

Final Fantasy Adventure II
Download here.

Final Fantasy Adventure III
Download here.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Download here.

Well, I hope you like it.
Please note that you downloading from other site that different and not related to this blog.
Enjoy ;)
PS : "I didn't test any of these game yet so I cant tel you the preview"

A Great Final Fantasy Parody

This is one of the best Final Fantasy Parody I ever seen.
Quite funny and have average effect also nice composed music from Final Fantasy VII,VIII, and IX at the battle scenes. Overall score is 9/10. You guys are awesome. :) :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Metal Sword

Finally, the first available stuff for Final Fantasy freaks, Final Fantasy XIII Metal Sword available on If you have plan to complete your Final fantasy Stuff collection better you order this stuff now before the price changed.
I don't really like to collect those things, but I know some people does. Like my friend who collect all final fantasy stuff in his room.

Friday, February 6, 2009

New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

Here are new Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Available on Youtube....
To download the full version you can download from Playstation network here.
It's 350Mb ++, but I think its worth to download.
I still download it. I will tell the result when it finished.

P.S. Update
Holy craps............
I used 350Mb of my bandwidth for 2.44 minutes scenes.
But the movie quality are great.
but still..
It's isn't worth for 350Mb, and 5 hrs of downloading time :((

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Final Fantasy Dissidia

Here are the opening movie of Dissidia Final Fantasy. Compilation of all Final Fantasy Heroes vs. all Final Fantasy Villain. Once again Square-Enix show to the world what they capable to do.

In the video below showed the battle of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII and show my Favorite moves "Omnislash".

Credit :

Final Fantasy XIII-2 First Trailer

After succeed with Final Fantasy XIII , Square-Enix decided to create it's sequel. Named Final Fantasy XIII-2 . The gameplay and storyli...