Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tantalus Profille

Tantalus was a group of Thief from Lindbulm, but they aren't bad like common thief. Even Regent Cid Fabool order them to kidnap Garnet in Alexandria because he knows that Queen Brahne start acting suspicious. They held a theater drama show and play "I Want to Be Your Canary" in Alexandria to kidnap Garnet. They lead by Baku and and have 8 member which is Zidane, Blank, Cinna, Marcus, Ruby and Nero brother (Zenero, Benero, and Genero) .

Baku Profile
Baku is the leader of Tantalus, he have very great power and also have wisdom. But don't see that from his appearance. He also adopt and raise Zidane when he found Zidane in Lindbulm harbor without know anithing. Baku also is a strict leader who will beat any member that disobey his will. Like he beat Zidane when Zidane attempt to leave Tantalus and seek for his birthplace. He also beat Cinna at South Gate because Cinna disobey him.

Blank Profile
Blank is a member of Tantalus, he has a read hair and always looks cool in his appearance. At the evil forest he sacrifice himself and being petrified to save Zidane and other Tantalus member. He also give a Worldmap to Zidane that seen in the FMV right before he petrified. But he was saved by Marcus with Supersoft and help Zidane to save Garnet from Zorn and Thorn.

Marcus Profile
Marcus is a member of Tantalus, he has close relation with Blank. After Blank was petrified in Evil Forest he travelling around the world to find an item called Supersoft that will able to save his friend. Marcus also help Garnet and Steiner beating Black Waltz on the Train when Garnet and Steiner decide goes back to Alexandria. He also caught and put in a jail shaped like a bird cage in Alexandria castle.

Cinna Profile
Cina is one member of Tantalus that always bring his hammer anywhere. He very like eat. In the South Gate he found a bunch of Cake he decided to stay in there and leave other Tantalus member head tack to Lindbulm after find Supersoft to help Blank. Baku who feel that Cinna has disobey his order beat him with his "Super Tornado Tantalus Punch."

Ruby Profile
Ruby is the one and only Tantalus female member. After the abduction of Princess garnet she accidentally left inside the Town of Alexandria, She open a mini Theater in back alleys of Alexandria. And she can be always found in there every you visit Alexandria in the game. At some scene of the game, knows that she and Blank have feeling each other but nothing ever happen because them always show it in agresive ways. If you read al moogles letter there is a time she give Zidane a letter that ask him to be an actor in her theater but that never realized until the game ending.

Nero Brother Profile
Nero Brother consist of three person which is Zenero, Benero and Genero. Zenero and Benero is a tantalus member but Genero isn't. They only have their reunion in Alexandria during the disc 3 of Final Fantasy IX.