Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cloud Strife Profile

Cloud Strife is an ex-SOLDIER of Shinra Company, he was manipulated by Shinra by adding Zack memories into his memories also adding Genova cell into his body, as the game continued he begin to know who he is, and what the thing he should do. He is main character on Final Fantasy VII, he makes his first appearance in the Final Fantasy VII, a game for Playstation that released in 1997. Since Final Fantasy VII became very popular because have a solid storyline also good battle system, Square-Enix continued his appearance in many game and even movies.

After that, Cloud appear in the Final Fantasy VII sequel, which is Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children... different with it's prequel, Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children is a full CGI movie. In this movie Cloud Strife try to find a forgiven, from the people who killed because of him, like Zack and Aerith, he also suffer Geostigma or Star Scar Syndrome that caused by unstable of the lifestream.
As well as Final Fantasy VII anime " Last Order " Released, in this 2D anime cloud also appear with Zack. Cloud Strife became more famous. After Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children, Cloud Strife make his appearance in Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus, but in this game he only help at the war second part of the game, and he not playable, because main character in this game only Vincent Valentine.

Depend from Final Fantasy VII "Last Order" anime Square-Enix make a prequel of Final Fantasy VII, which is Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core. main character in this Game is Zack, but Cloud also make appearance, In this game Cloud past time totally revealed. On some chapter of Final Fantasy VII : Before crisis, we also can see Cloud with the Turks, even not much of his function on this time.

Cloud Strife appearance on different game :

Cloud Strife in original Final Fantasy FVII

Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy FVII : Dirge of Cerberus

Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy FVII : Advent Children

Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy FVII : Last Order

Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy FVII : Before Crisis

Final Fantasy VII : Battle theme