Saturday, October 13, 2007

Barret Wallace Profile

Same as other Final Fantasy VII character, Barret Wallace start his carrier from original Final Fantasy VII, a game that released in 1997 by Squaresoft at that time. In Final Fantasy VII, Barret take a part as a leader of Avalanche, a group that try to stop Shinra Corp, of their exploitation to the earth. Barret was born in small mining City Corel, firstly he cooperate with Shinra to build a Mako Reactor in Corel, but a tragedy in Corel make he lost his city also his wife "Myrna", and that caused by Shinra. Shinra heard that previous Avalanche hide in that city, so Shinra destroy and kill many citizen in the city. The only survive is Barret and Dyne, because they are not in the city when Shinra's attack. However when they escaping Shinra troops found them and make Barret lost his friend also his right hand, After that Barret continued his way to Midgard to revenge on Shinra, in Midgard he adopt a little girl child (Marlene) as his daughter.
Successful in Final Fantasy VII, Square-Enix bring him to a new Final Fantasy Movie, which is Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children, Barret journey continued on his mission to find another energy resources other than Mako, in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children at opening we can see that he found a huge oil mine. He also help other Avalanche when fight with Bahamut in the Town Square.
In Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus he also lend his help to Vincent to fight The Tsviets together with Cloud and Tifa from Land direction as well as Cid lead the attack from air direction.

Barret Wallace appearance in some of Final Fantasy VII series :

Barret Wallace appearance in Final Fantasy VII

Barret Wallace appearance in Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children

Barret Wallace appearance in Final Fantasy VII : DIrge of Cerberus

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