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Squall Leonheart Profile

Squall Leonheart is the main character of Final Fantasy VIII, According flashbacks in the game, Squall grew up in an orphanage, along with many of the other main characters, as Zell, Seifer, Selphie, Irvine and Quistis. Squall is known as a "lone wolf", because he very cold to another people and also he never explained his feelings, even he also acting cold to his allies. His feeling slowly change since he meet Rinoa.

His superiors, as his teacher, Quistis Trepe, regard him as difficult to treat but with great respect. He is also known for his stoicism in some situations. In the cutscene which meets for the first time Rinoa, who take him into dancing with her in the SeeD graduation ball. He awkwardly potholes elsewhere while constantly looking at his feet with a look of confusion.

The grooves are dragged unwillingly into the role of hero when the Cid, director of Balamb Garden, and tell Squall to be the head of the Balamb Garden academy half of the game.
He is often thrown into a leadership role, as is event when Balamb Garden attacked by the Galbadia, Squall give his very good words to support the member of Balamb Garden during the fighting, he also take a leader position when attacked Galbadia Base. As time progresses, it grows more comfortable with the leadership role, especially when it comes time to defeat Ultimecia, the antagonist.
Squall has a clear rivalry with Seifer Almasy. The opening sequence represents the duel in which he won his characteristic facial scar Squall (and subsequently gave an almost identical one to Seifer; Squall's starts in his right eye and went to his left cheek, while Seifer goes left to right) And scenes where Squall and Seifer is supposed to be characterized by cooperation disputes between the two cadets. Later, apparently Seifer allies himself with the Sorceress, which requires Squall battle him several times. Even Seifer kill my Favorite GF in the game, Odin with his Zantetsuken.
Squall and Rinoa, dance at SeeD party

There are strong indications that in the game Laguna Loire is the father of Squall. With Ellone power, sometimes Squall can role into Laguna past story, and the other party as Kiros and Ward. Ellone also mentions that Raine - apparently died in childbirth, and had a baby boy. When Squall is caught, all Moomba keep referring to the gap as Squall (later indicated that the people of Moomba recognize their blood, suggesting a tie between Squall and Laguna). Towards near the end of the game, aboard the Ragnarok, Kiros and Ward say Squall and the resemblance to his mother and father difference. Laguna also intends to say something to Squall, but prefers not because of the circumstances.
Squall appears as a non-playable character in Kingdom Hearts, although it seems older. He carries a short leather jacket with red wings on the back, like the decor Rinoa clothes, but still bears his Griever necklace and still have the scar on the forehead. Although his appearance and age change (in Kingdom Hearts, which is 25, while in Final Fantasy VIII, which is 17), his personality remains the same. A version based on the memory of Leon appears in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. He returns in Kingdom Hearts II, Leon still leads the entire Kingdom Hearts, only to receive a skin ruff on the collar of his jacket. Squall also is a character in secret Chocobo Racing and Itadaki Street Special.

Squall as "Leon" in Kingdom Heart

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