Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rinoa Heartilly Profile

Rinoa Heartilly is main Female character in Final Fantasy VIII. Enthusiastic, outsopken, emotional and honest with her feelings, who speaks her mind without reservation. Because of her ambition, which can sometimes be stubborn. The year before the start of the game, she was romantically involved with Seifer Almasy. Rinoa's weapon of choice is the Blaster Edge, a white ring mounted to his wrist that acts as a boomerang. She is assisted by his faithful dog, Angelo, during the battle. Later in the game, it becomes a second limit of breaking called Angel Wing, which becomes unmanageable for the remainder of the battle, acting on his own by casting spells with a lot more power.

Rinoa Limit Break "Angel Wing"

In the game, Rinoa is a member of the Owls Forest, a small faction of the resistance who seek to liberate the small nation of Timber Galbadian occupation. She is known as the "princess" of the group. Rinoa meets for the first time Squall in the SeeD inauguration ball in Balamb Garden. During the dance, and gets the charm usually antisocial Squall in the dance with her.
Its purpose for visiting the Garden revealed when the Forest Owls hire Squall, Zell Dincht and Selphie Tilmitt as mercenaries. She clashes with Squall Forest Owls during an operation, so soon his departure. However, she decides to stay with them, since they were forced to flee Wood, and just go along with them. At the end of a disk, Rinoa met with his father, with whom he has a rocky relationship.

Rinoa at SeeD inauguration

The disc two, which shares a moment with Squall in Fishermans Horizon, during a concert performed by the remaining members of the party. After that, the two characters are aware of the efforts of the people to force in a relationship. The party soon learns that Rinoa is the only main character who have not spent time in Edea's Orphanage . Later, Rinoa is owned by Ultimecia when she loses its influence on Sorceress Edea, causing Rinoa to lapse into a state like coma. Accordingly, Squall trying desperately to revive her, finally touring the country Esthar. However, Ultimecia manages to use Rinoa to Sorceress Adel release from prison of its orbit.
After Rinoa use expires, Ultimecia has Adel and leaves Rinoa to die in space. Squall their rescues, and the two try to share a personal moment in the Ragnarok spacecraft while the game of the song, "Eyes on Me" plays in the background. While this is happening, Squall Edea discovers that the power had been passed to Rinoa, in a turning point of his Sorceress. When the earth, Rinoa is sent to the Sorceress Memorial by Esthar, who fear their sorceress powers.

Rinoa at Balamb Garden Balcony Disc.2

However, Squall convinced by members of his party to rescue her. The two shared a hug at Memorial Sorceress, which is also represented at the opening cutscene, and continue their search. During the game ending she meets with Squall, and kiss him for the first time in Balamb Garden balcony, when the winning celebration against ultimecia held in Balamb Garden .

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