Friday, October 12, 2007

Tifa Lockheart Profile

Tifa Lockheart or we just called her Tifa, start her first appearance at Final Fantasy VII as Cloud past girl friend. Cloud promise that he will be a side of Tifa whenever she need his help. Tifa also help Cloud to find who excactly he is. Tifa is the best martial arts character of Final Fantasy VII, with her Sommerassault or Dolphin blow sidekick.
Here are her limitbreaks :
BEAT RUSH - Starting attack
SOMERSAULT - Hits enemy then does a Flip Kick
WATERKICK - A kick with a water element
METEODRIVE - She does a backdrop on a enemy
DOLPHIN BLOW - Does a uppercut and deals heavy HP
METEOR STRIKE - Tifa picks up the opponent, jumps and slams them down on the floor
FINAL HEAVEN - She has a crazy fit where she punches the enemy
In Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children she also make her appearance by always supporting on Cloud. Cloud maybe lost his sense because the peacefully world in two years, also suffering geostigma on his body. But Tifa always make him sure that She will be always on Cloud side, and always supporting on him. In this Final Fantasy movie we also see her real beautiful face ( of course you agree with me, especially her breast LoL --"). We also able to see her
Ok ok, back to topic, Tifa also make her short appearance on Final Fantasy VII : Last Order anime, in this anime we can see her face in 2D format. Cloud safe her on Mako Reactor in Nibleheim from Sephiroth.
In Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus, Cloud Barret and Tifa also help Vincent Valentine on his mission to stop the Omega Weapon.
Her last appearance is in Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core, made for PSP. In this game she also didn't make a full appearance, she only appear when Cloud and Sephiroth battle in Mako Reactor.
But who knows, maybe she will be appear again reminding that Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus was still continued, that sign is by appearance of the revived Genesis at the last of the game ending.

Tifa Lockheart appearance on different Final Fantasy Series.

Tifa Lockheart appearance on Final Fantasy VII.

Tifa Lockheart appearance on Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children.

Tifa Lockheart appearance on Final Fantasy VII : Last Order.

Tifa Lockheart appearance on Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus.

Tifa Lockheart appearance on Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core.

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