Sunday, October 14, 2007

Aerith Gainsborough Profile

Same as Tifa. Cloud or Barret, Aerith also make her first appearance in Final Fantasy VII, for me Aerith is the best Final Fantasy VII female character from all. Because her cute appearance also her great limit break Great Gospel that always protect the other character from direct damage. Unfortunately she have to die in Sephiroth hand just after i get her last limit break.

Sephiroth kill Aerith in very ironic scenes

Aerith is Cloud reason to change his mind to save the world and begin realize that there lot of thing more important than money. After in Final Fantasy VII, Aerith make her second appearance in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, in this Final fantasy movie Aerith comes as a spirit that always help the Avalanche member.

Aerith appearance after FFVII AC credit roll

She lend her hand when fight with Bahamut in Town Square. Also give healing in her Church to all person who carried Geostigma. She also appear after the credit roll os Final fantasy VII Advent Children.
In Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core she also make her important appearance as Zack Fair girlfriend, Sqeare-Enix make her in very cute appearance in this game. Because popular on some Final Fantasy series, Aerith also make her appearance in Kingdom Heart, but this is out of Final fantasy topic.

Aerith Gainsborough appearance on some of Final Fantasy VII series.

Aerith Gainsborough appearance on Final Fantasy VII

Aerith Gainsborough appearance on Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children

Aerith Gainsborough appearance on Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core

Aerith Theme :