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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Preview
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a video game for the Nintendo GameCube. It is the first Final Fantasy game on a Nintendo console since Final Fantasy VI as well as the second Square-produced game on a Nintendo platform. The game follows the quest of various fictional races to replenish the magic crystals that keep them safe from the miasma of poisonous gas that has enveloped their world.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Storyline
The world is covered by a miasma poisonous In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles to the four races: Selkies, Lilties, Clavats, and Yukes. Despite this, cities are located in several places, protected by magical crystals that fend off the miasma temporarily. In order to maintain the power of the crystals, each city recruits a crystal caravan. These caravans carry with them a "crystal chalice", a magical container with a shard of protective crystal attached. The caravans then travel around the world, seeking trees of the magical essence myrrh, which recharges the power of the crystals.
In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, players take on the role of caravaners from a small town that they may name themselves, and work to maintain their town's crystal and locate and destroy the miasma. To do this, they visit many other cities, cross oceans, and explore dungeons, fields, caves, and other varied locales in order to obtain myrrh and acquire better equipment. The trees of myrrh are universally guarded by strong monsters, so it is up to the players to defeat them and gain access to the trees.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Character
Many characters are encountered throughout the game. Although they each have their own story to tell, some are more memorable than others.
  • Amidatty: the rather eccentric leader of the Yuke caravan from Shella.
  • De Nam: A rather peculiar Selkie who players meet in Shella. He is studying magic and wants to one day rid the world of miasma.
  • Gurdy: The rather untrustworthy Clavat makes his living out of cheating people out of their money.
  • Hurdy: A traveling priest who is apparently Gurdy's brother.
  • Mog: A moogle who carries the chalice for the player in single-player mode.
  • Princess Fiona: The half Lilty half Clavat princess of Alfitaria.
  • Raem: An evil demon or monster who consumes people's memories.
  • The Scholar of Tipa
  • Sol Racht: The Lilty leader of the Alfitaria caravan.
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