Sunday, September 9, 2007

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X Game Review :
Final Fantasy X is the first game made for Playstation 2, the graphic itself have a very good improvement also in FMV side, a new battle mode also included for all brand new Final Fantasy series. That's all Square did to publish it's name as the best RPG game creator ever.

Final Fantasy X Storyline :
The story started with Tidus, a boy that come from another world to finish his mission to find the truth about the destroy of his world dimension and also to find his father that rumored already become Sin, the master of all Summon.
As he meet with Yuna, the story goes to a journey to save the world ( well always save the world on Final Fantasy =) ), after being long journey they finally beat Sin, but Tidus must back to his real world, and that is the sad love stories end with Yuna T-T. But dont worry because Yuna and Tidus will meet in the FFX-2 if you get the perfect ending of course. ^^
The Game itself not use the Battle Gauge Bar again but already use active time battle which is the system to get turn on the batle, also not use a world map system anymore.

Final Fantasy X Character :
* Tidus
* Yuna
* Kimahri Ronso
* Wakka
* Auron
* Rikku

Final Fantasy X Release and Development :
Final Fantasy X was made in three version which is Japanese Version, English version and International Version. On International version you can change the language anytime to japanese or English, also added Dark aeon feature and more side quest to do ;)

Links :
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For the fans here is FFX lyrics of "Suteki da Ne" in Japanese:

Kaze ga yoseta kotoba ni
oyoida kokoro
Kumo ga hakobu ashita ni
hazunda koe

Tsuki ga yureru kagami ni
furueta kokoro
Hoshi ga nagare koboreta
yawarakai namida

Suteki da ne
Futari te wo tori aruketa nara
Iikitai yo
kimi no machi ie ude no naka

Sono mune
karada azuke
yoi ni magire

Kaze wa tomari kotoba wa
yasashii maboroshi
Kumo wa yabure ashita wa
tooku no koe

Tsuki ga nijimu kagami wo
nagareta kokoro
Hoshi ga yurete koboreta
kakusenai namida

Suteki da ne
Futari te wo tori aruketa nara
Ikitai yo
kimi no machi ie ude no naka

Sono kao
sotto furete
asa ni tokeru

Final fantasy X Screenshot :