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Final Fantasy XI - Online

Final Fantasy XI Review :
Final Fantasy XI is the first Final fantasy Use MMORPG (Multi Massive Online Role Playing Game) that has Online server and you have to pay monthly to play it. We will play in a different race like warior, summoner ect. And play on defferent kingdom, each of kingdom have its own storyline. Now Square-Enix offers us another installment of this great Final Fantasy universe. This time, we get to share the excitement with thousands of people around the world. I know many Final Fantasy fans out there are wary of this strange, new direction for Final Fantasy. Some say this is not a “true Final Fantasy.” They could not be more wrong. The developers specifically mentioned that they named it “Final Fantasy XI” instead of “Final Fantasy Online” because this game is part of the series. In fact, the developers of the original Final Fantasy games, one through three for the Nintendo Entertainment System, originally conceived of a world like this but technology just could not get them there at the time.

Final Fantasy XI Storyline :
Like other Final Fantasy Games, FFXI does, indeed, have a strong storyline. When you create your character, you must choose from one of six jobs, your race, your appearance, your name, and what area of the world you would like to start in. There are three kingdoms, each with their own distinctive feel. San D’Oria is a military, old-fashioned kind of kingdom. Bastok is an industrial kingdom, full of all different kinds of races. The final kingdom, Windurst, is a more happy kind of place, and home of the Tarutaru, a small munchkin sort of race. After you have created your character, you will go through an opening event, involving your character in opening cut-scenes. A newbie tutorial follows to help players get acquainted with the game. Each kingdom has its own storyline. As you progress, they come together. Don’t worry about missing out because the story starts at the beginning for everyone. You will do various missions or quests for whichever kingdom you belong to. Just like any other Final Fantasy game, your quests can sometimes lead up to a tough boss.
Eventually, you might come to the end of your story. Fear not. Square-Enix assures us that they have a few years worth of story ready to go. You can continue the story by purchasing future expansion packs. Think of them as the next instalment or chapter in the storyline. In addition, new missions, items, and magic will be added for free through patches. There are also optional missions and bosses to complete or beat while you wait.
Besides a great storyline – something few other MMOG’s have even attempted or even claimed to be considering – FFXI has many other great things that remind you that this is truly a Final Fantasy game. FFXI, of course, includes all the classic trademarks of the series, such as Cid, chocobos, airships, and more. In fact, after completing a mission to befriend a chocobo, you will later be able to return to ride a chocobo whenever you wish. Airships, too, can be used for transportation. Just purchase a ticket from an NPC and be off to a faraway land. You will also see these huge airships flying overhead. If you aren’t already convinced of the Final Fantasy theme, you will be happy to know there is a returning crystal theme evident in FFXI. Crystals are used in a lot of things. For example, various crystals are dropped by enemies, which can be used to craft items. A theme of co-operation is also evident, as multiple people will be required to defeat tough bosses in later quests.
Much to the delight of us Final Fantasy V and Tactics fans, the job system is making a comeback. Final Fantasy XI boasts six starting jobs, and additional hidden jobs, with fifteen jobs in all. You will unlock these hidden jobs by completing certain quests. You can choose a main job, with a support job, which means there are 15x15 possibilities! You will be able to reach level 65; however, you will first be capped at level 50. You will have to do a quest to unlock each of the sets of five levels until level 65. For example, the first quest will allow you to go from level 50 to level 55. If, at any time, you wish to change jobs, you can do so but you return to level one for that new job. You do, however, retain your same character and skills, such as one-hand slashing, as well as your knowledge of the game, so levelling the second time around is somewhat easier. If you still feel the need to have a second character, you are able to purchase additional ones. In fact, some people purchase additional characters to use as a mule.

Final Fantasy XI Combat, Group, Guild and Kingdom System :
Combat, too, follows traditional Final Fantasy lines, while adapting to the needs of an MMOG. FFXI has done away with random battles: all enemies appear in the regular game world. The new Final Fantasy games are heading in this direction too. Once in a battle, you will be able to move around a bit but must select your actions from a menu, as in all Final Fantasy games. You will have a default attack, which will repeat itself automatically, as if you were to select Fight every time your Active Time Bar filled. This is to give your character a chance in case your ISP doesn’t like the game as much as you will. You will also have alternate attacks, abilities, magic, and, of course, the option to use an item or flee from battle. This being a Final Fantasy game, there is also a bar similar to the famous limit gauge. Once at 100%, you can use a weapon skill; your available weapon skills are different for different types of weapons. The bar can charge up to 300%. For every bit above 100%, your weapon skill will do more damage. Similar to Final Fantasy IX, there will also be combination attacks, if you are fighting in a group. For example, in FFIX, Vivi, the Black Mage, could cast magic on Steiner’s sword, the Knight. Exactly what kinds of combination attacks there are available in FFXI remains to be seen. At the end of the battle, items will automatically be looted from an enemy’s corpse.
Speaking of groups, there will be six people allowed in one group. Two other groups can ally themselves with yours, allowing for 18 people to work together in one battle. This might make for some interesting boss battles. Fortunately, you can display all 18 health bars on your screen, making a White Mage’s job much easier.
Another interesting aspect of combat is the use of something the developers call a “Signet.” When you defeat an enemy while using this Signet, your kingdom will become stronger. Kingdoms’ strength will have an effect on the items you get! There will be a balance so one kingdom does not get too powerful.
For when you are not in battle and are looking to stay in contact, you can use something called a “Link-shell.” Similar to a guild in other MMOG’s, this allows many players to communicate with each other. Unlike guilds, however, you can have multiple Link-shells, which means you can stay in touch with several groups of people at once.
Final Fantasy XI Release and development :
With 300,000 copies already sold in Japan, 200,000 of which have registered, there are already more than enough people to populate the world. Square-Enix estimates about 20,000 people can be on one game world or server, with approximately three to four thousand people online on one server at any given time. This means that there will be more than enough people for you to join up with.
While the three kingdoms are in competition, Square-Enix does not want the game to be spoiled by players abusing others. There will not be any player-versus-player combat in the game. Square-Enix has also eliminated kill-stealing. Once a player or group is in a battle, no one can attack that enemy. Because items are automatically looted at the end of a battle, there will also not be any stealing of hard-earned rewards for killing enemies either.
With such a strong Final Fantasy theme, as well as so many great MMOG features, the only thing standing in the way is the barrier between console-leaning Final Fantasy fans and PC-leaning MMOG fans. Square-Enix is the first to bridge that gap. The game will be released later this year for both a hard drive-equipped Playstation 2 and the PC, fully compatible with each other. If you own both the PC version and the PS2 version, you can play the same character in the same world from the comfort of your couch or computer chair. I’m sure you have already made your first decision. All that remains is deciding on which of these systems you will experience the latest Final Fantasy.

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