Sunday, September 23, 2007

Final Fantasy Tactic Advance

Final Fantasy Tactic Advance Preview
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a tactical role-playing game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. A spin-off to the popular Final Fantasy series, the game shares several traits with 1997's Final Fantasy Tactics, though it is not a sequel. The player assembles a clan of individual characters, and controls their actions over grid-like battlefields. Players are mostly free to decide the classes, abilities and statistics of their characters.

Final Fantasy Tactic Advance Storyline
The game's story centers on four children — Marche, Mewt, Ritz, and Doned — who live in a small town named St. Ivalice. The children are transported to a realm of the same name as their town, "Ivalice," after discovering an ancient magical book. This magical realm of Ivalice appears to be Mewt's manifestation of the video game "Final Fantasy," which he had played.
The game's story takes place in Ivalice, a world created when four ordinary children — Marche Radiuju, Mewt Randell, Ritz Malheur, and Doned Radiuju — come across an old book which Mewt purchases at his local used bookstore. Unaware that the book is the legendary Gran Grimoire with the power to change the world as its readers desires, the children transform their hometown of St. Ivalice into the Ivalice of a fantasy world. The fantasy Ivalice is supposedly a reincarnation of Mewt's memories from a Final Fantasy game.

Final Fantasy Tactic Advance Character
The story of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance revolves around three primary characters; Marche Radiuju, the main character who battles the dream worlds of his friends; Ritz Malheur, a stubborn girl who speaks her mind and changes sides in her struggle for self acceptance; and Mewt Randell, a boy whose mother died that discovers a magical entity that changed the world into the world of Ivalice. There are also secondary characters, such as Doned Radiuju, Marche's little brother who does not desire to return to the real world, since he is sick in the real world and well in the dream one, and Cid Randell, Mewt's father who becomes the Judgemaster of Ivalice.

Final Fantasy Tactic Advance Character Screenshot

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