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Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core

Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core Preview
Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core tell us about Cloud past story, The main character in this game is Zack, SOLDIER 1st class. Use genre as an action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation Portable. The game is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII and is also the fourth of all the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series, which also includes the games Final Fantasy VII : Before Crisis, and Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus, also the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children and Final Fantasy VII : Last Order the anime.

Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core Storyline
Shinra make a organization called SOLDIER, who have duty to protect the Shinra's Corp. existement. Story begin with Zack, SOLDIER first class who work hard every day with his senior Angeal. During an operation in Wutai, "Genesis Rhapsodos" a first class member of Soldier went missing without any sign together with the other SOLDIER member. The Shinra Company's top management assessed the situation and decided to send out SOLDIER in order to bring an end to the war and clarify the scandal, and so, Angeal and Zack, as well as Sephiroth, whose name would come to be known throughout the world as a hero, was sent to Wutai.
The game itself commonly take setting like in Final fantasy VII : Last Order anime where Zack meeting with Aerith, became Cloud friend and partnership, Zack discover about both Angeal and Genesis origin, and the truth of the mysterious "project G" and also information about why Sephiroth hate Shinra's Company from beginning, and Scenes that we able to see in Final fantasy VII : Advent Children about Cloud flashback memories.
At the end of the game we can see that Cloud and Zack reach the Wasteland on their journey to Midgard, but Zack was shooted by The turks, and Cloud was unable to do anything because of his vegetative stance, and we can see that Aerith praying for Zack in the church and she know something bad happen to her lovely boyfriend and she cannot do anything other than pray for him.
After some time Cloud snaps out of his rigid state and heads towards Zack. When Cloud reaches Zack, Zack (while giving Cloud his Buster Sword) tells Cloud to take all his pride and dreams for him and continue living, and then finally dies.
Cloud literally cries out in anguish. After his brief mourning, Cloud said his thanks to Zack and tell him to rest. Zack separate talks is finally a hero, while the scenario is going to Cloud, who is leading the Buster Sword and make his way to Midgar.
After the credits roll, the introduction of Final Fantasy VII plays. Aerith is seen leaving a building on the streets of Midgar, while Cloud mounted on the top of a train saying, "I am Cloud. SOLDIER. First Class. "That marks the beginning the original game, Final Fantasy VII. The game ends with the words, "to continue in Final Fantasy VII ..."
Storyline Article Source : Wikipedia

Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core Character :

Most of Final Fantasy VII : Crisis core are the original character of Final fantasy VII, here are some of returning character :
* Zack Fair
* Cloud Strife
* Sephiroth
* Genesis Rhapsodos
* Angeal
* Aerith Gainsborough
* Tifa Lockhart
* The Turks like Tseng Reno Rude Cissnei (The Turk with the shuriken from Before Crisis) and also Professor Hojo
* Yuffie Kisaragi
* Cait Sith
* Genova

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Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core Screenshot :

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core opening at the Train Cutscene

Zack and Aerith Crisis Core screenshot

Turks :Tseng and Cissney from Before Crisis

Angeal, Sephiroth, and Genesis in a training
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Zack and Tifa Lockheart also SOLDIERs in Nibelheim

Mysterious armored goddes "Minerva", known as Goddess of the world
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Genesis Rhapsodos Final Fantasy Crisis Core

Reno and Rude when try to save Cloud and Zack from SOLDIERs

Arrive at Nibelheim and first meet with Tifa Lockhart

Cloud and Sephiroth in Nibelheim

Crisis Core battle mode and Battle and battle with Sephiroth

Zack and Angeal Flashback

Aerith scene in Crisis Core ending

Zack give his Buster Sword to Cloud outside Midgard

Final Fantasy Crisis Core ending, Zack Fair end story.

Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core ending that will be Opening of Final Fantasy VII
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Ayaka "Why" Lyric Crisis Core Theme Song

hitomi no oku ga boyakete mienai
kokoro no soko no kimochi wa aru no?

sekai no subete wo te ni shita to shite mo
sore ga anata no shiawase na no?

Why kodoku na sora wo miageru no?
Why waratte misete yo
kotoba ni suru no ga heta na
anata no seikaku wakaru kara

tooi mukashi ni nani ga atta no?
shisen wo sorasu anata no hitomi ni

hitori de samishii yoru ni dakishimerareru
sonna atatakasa shitteru?

Why doushite katachi ni kodawaru no?
Why kokoro wo hiraite
ookina nimotsu wo seotta
anata wo uke irerareru chikara
aru wa shinjite mite...

jiyuu na hito wa bukiyou de...
jiyuu na hito wa fuan de...

Why kodoku na sora miageru no?
Why waratte misete yo
kotoba ni suru no ga heta na
anata no seikaku wakaru kara
shinjite mite