Saturday, September 8, 2007

Final Fantasy I

Final Fantasy I Game Review :
This is the first Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy I was made for Nintendo but now Final fantasy I available on remake version bundled with final fantasy II in a CD titled : Final Fantasy Origin. Squaresoft (or Square-Enix now days) adding some of cool FMV inside the game. And also I already found that Final Fantasy I and II are already remake for Game Boy Advance. The storyline is quite complete, altough its not as long as Final Fantasy that make within this few years.

Final Fantasy I Storyline :
There are four Light Warriors brought one orb each to save a dying world. With many adventures of saving a princess, searching for a sleeping elf king, bring peace to several blind wizards, and many more, this game become the first step of Squaresoft for the long Final Fantasy Series. The hardest enemy is Four Fiends, a combination of earth (Lich), water (Kraken), fire (Kary), and wind (Tiamat). Game characters are one of these types : fighter, black belt, thief, red mage, white mage, black mage, knight, dan wizard.

Links :
Final Fantasy I NES /PS walkthrough and secret/code
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Final Fantasy I Mobile Phone

Final Fantasy I Development :

  • # North American localization
  • # MSX 2
  • # Final Fantasy I for WonderSwan Color
  • # Final Fantasy I for PlayStation
  • # Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls
  • # Final Fantasy I for Mobile phones
  • # Final Fantasy I for PlayStation Portable
If you are really a big fan of Final Fantasy, just try to play the remake version game

Final Fantasy on NES

Final Fantasy on PS

Final Fantasy on Wonderswan

Final Fantasy I : Dawn of Soul for GBA Screenshot

Final Fantasy on PSP