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Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII Compilation

Final Fantasy XIII Review
Final Fantasy XIII is an upcoming console role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 3 as a part of the Final Fantasy video game series. First appearing at E3 2006, the game features a futuristic, high-tech world. Only two characters have been revealed thus far: a woman, with the code name Lightning, who wields a weapon which functions as a sword and a firearm; and an unnamed man who is her ally. Along with Final Fantasy Versus XIII and the mobile phone game Final Fantasy Agito XIII, Final Fantasy XIII is part of the project known as Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII, but is neither a prequel nor a sequel to any of the two other installments. Square Enix explained that although all three games take place in the same universe, they are not directly related in terms of story.

Final Fantasy XIII Battle system
The concept for Final Fantasy XIII's battle system is to maintain the strategic side of 'command input' battles while also including the excitement found in 'fast-paced' battles. Like recent entries in the franchise, the game will be in real time, without any random battles.[4] It has been confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII will have parties.
As seen in the E3 2006 trailer, battles are menu driven. Commands are selected from a reel on the bottom left side of the screen. Each command has an ATB Cost, which reduces the ATB bar. It is believed that the bar fills up over time, like the traditional ATB system, but in Final Fantasy XIII you can input commands while it is still filling.

Final Fantasy XIII Storyline
Two locations have been revealed to the public so far; Pulse and Cocoon. The world of Final Fantasy XIII is called Pulse. The overworld is plagued by monsters, though little else is known about it.
Cocoon was created by a Crystal as the ideal environment for humans to live in. It is a haven for humankind against Pulse. Cocoon is a beautiful city, floating in the sky. It is defended by the Crystal which created it (Cocoon's Crystal), and has many advanced technologies protecting it. The Crystal creates many things for the city and its inhabitants, such as machines for the people to use. It also produces living beings and raises them. The Crystal closely looks after its people.
The people of Cocoon perceive everything outside of Cocoon (the world of Pulse) as dangerous, and fear it. Those who have been influenced by the people of Pulse (Outsiders), are quarantined by the "Holy Government" of Cocoon, and deported to Pulse. The prisoners shown in the E3 2006 trailer are being deported
The Crystals in Final Fantasy XIII have conscious thought; they are living beings. They can create things, and so it is likely the people of Final Fantasy XIII's world see them as gods. We know of two Crystals in the world of Final Fantasy XIII; Cocoon's and Pulses'. Cocoon's Crystal created the city and cares for it. Everything outside Cocoon is controlled by Pulses' Crystal. It is not known if there are more Crystals.

Final Fantasy XIII Characters
  • Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII's main character is a young woman with strawberry-blonde hair. She uses the codename "Lightning" to hide her true identity, though she does not know it herself. She is the Crystal's chosen one (we do not know which Crystal), on a mission to destroy the floating city Cocoon
  • Unnamed Man, A blond, bandanna-wearing male who rides a motorcycle and wields a gun (possibly a sniper rifle). In the Jump Festa 2006 trailer, he is shown coming to Lightning's aid when she is outnumbered by soldiers. Very little is known about him. He is currently nicknamed "Mr. 33cm", which is supposed to be his shoesize.
  • Unnamed Girl, Seen in the TGS07 trailer, she is a pinkish-haired girl wielding a bow who seems to be an ally of Lightning. Nothing else is known at this point.

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