Saturday, September 8, 2007

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III Review :
This is the third Final Fantasy Game, originally made for SNES. This game I didn't try myself, but i will try to find the emulator in the internet. The storyline below it's not my experience but i found this in a web.

Final Fantasy III Storyline :
Four young man from Uru village was selected to be Light Warriors in Wind Crystal temple. Their duty is to return balance between Light and Dark. The Light Warriors, also known as Onion Knight, has to defeat Dark Warriors and Cloud of Darkness. In their journey, the Light Warriors meet many friends who willing to help. From Cid the mechanic, Sara the princess of Sasoon, and Desh the adventure man, all together in a classical fight of "the good" and "the evil".
There is a secret city named Gsaaru in Final Fantasy III. When you find the hidden city, talk to a person behind a room and get access to "Secret Programmer's Room". You can meet Final Fantasy game programmers here --".
"Class" system was replaced by "job" system. All characters must achieve "job points" to develop his/her skills.

Final Fantasy III Playable Character

* Warriors of the Light
* Main characters (DS remake)
o Luneth
o Refia
o Arc
o Ingus

Final Fantasy III Release and development :
  • Cancelled WonderSwan Color version
  • Nintendo DS version
Try to get the game, because until now i didn't get it yet >.<, if some of you know where to download the ROM please contact me on Thanks

Links :
Final Fantasy III NES walkthrough and secret/code
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Download Here Final Fantasy III NES
(Actually this is Final fantasy VI in Japanese Version but i have to place it in Final Fantasy III Title)

Different Screenshot Final Fantasy III SNES and DS