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Final Fantasy VII : Before Crisis

Final Fantasy VII : Before Crisis Review
Final Fantasy VII : Before Crisis is action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix on 2004 in Japan for some of Mobile Phone. Before crisis is a prequel of Final fantasy VII that take setting 6 years before the Playstation's Final Fantasy VII game.

Final Fantasy VII : Before Crisis Storyline
Before crisis tell the story conflict between Shinra Company and Wutai tribe, with Wutai defeated by them and now people of the world dependent their fate to Mako Reactor and materia. But there are those who remain dedicated to the destruction of Shinra, chief among them being the newly emerged insurgent movement known as "AVALANCHE". Before Crisis focuses on this conflict between Shinra and the original AVALANCHE group, which began six years before the events portrayed in Final Fantasy VII, and lasted up to the time immediately preceding the events that took place in that game. In contrast to Final Fantasy VII, which was focused mainly on the viewpoint of the second incarnation of AVALANCHE, Before Crisis centers around the Shinra Company's Turks, with AVALANCHE serving as the game's main enemies.

Final Fantasy VII : Before Crisis Character
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Main Character in Final Fantasy VII : Before Crisis is the Turks, that have a lot of member, different with each series of it. All Turks character that has been known until this time are :
  • Rod (Male) : An ex-gang leader from Midgar, he enjoyed fighting other gangs and stealing motorbikes. He is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, as well as in riding and fixing motorbikes.
  • Gun (Female) : Her father was a teacher at the Shinra military academy, where she attended. She graduated with outstanding performances, and her forte is marksmanship.
  • Two Guns (Male) : A former bodyguard of Don Corneo, his specialty is his ability to rapidly fire two guns at once with outstanding accuracy, much like Gun (Female).
  • Shotgun (Female) : A female hunter from a wealthy family who likes to do things with flair. She has familiarized herself with the art of hunting since she was a child, and is, thus, an expert with her chosen weapon.
  • Martial Arts (Male) : An ex-detective from Costa del Sol, where he solved some rather complicated cases. A passionate, hot blooded and courageous man, he puts his all into everything he does, a trait that manifests in his personal and professional lives.
  • Martial Arts (Female): A new recruit to the Turks in Episode 7, along with Martial Arts (Male). As a mercenary, she has seen a lot of battle and is accustomed to taking orders.
  • Katana (Male): A swordsman who was born in Gongaga and has a soft spot for beauty. He tends not to stay in one place for very long.
  • Shuriken (Female) : A young woman whose place of birth is unknown, she wields a crimson Shuriken called "Rekka" in battle as her weapon of choice. She has warm heart. in Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core she appear as Cissney.
  • Nunchaku (Male) : A young man who was born into a wealthy household, and despite being raised in an environment where anything he wanted could be purchased.
  • Knife (Female) : A young woman from Corel who fights by using throwing knives. Although she feels as if she's all alone in the world, she covers it up by cheerfully doing her duties. She appears in Episode 1, only in the EZweb version.
  • Legend (Male) : Originally from Junon, he is a super-first class agent who was once feared on the battlefield as the God of Death, and is nicknamed the "Legendary Turk".
And main enemy of this game is The Avalanche. AVALANCHE is an eco-terrorist organization that seeks to topple Shinra, whom they believe to be slowly killing the Planet with their manufacturing of Mako Energy. Avalanche member in Before Crisis are :
  • Elfé: Raised from a young age by AVALANCHE, she was chosen to be their leader after the founder died. She wields a katana, and her superb fighting capabilities have earned her much respect among the organization.
  • Sears: A powerful field leader of AVALANCHE and second strongest member of the organization in physical terms (second only to Elfé), he had excellent hand-to-hand combat skills and often took charge of executing operations and formulating battle strategies.
  • Fuhito: The intellectual force behind AVALANCHE, Fuhito excels in creating battle plans. Highly knowledgeable in not just matters of science, but also in terms of tactical warfare, he is helpful with conceiving tactical solutions and providing support from a strategic vantage.
  • The Ravens: A squad of AVALANCHE members who have undergone genetic modification by Fuhito to serve as his personal attack squad. Though they have developed increased combat capabilities, as well as the ability to completely recover from normally fatal wounds
Original characters from Final Fantasy VII appear in Before Crisis as well as Sephiroth, Zack, Elena, Azul (Dirge of Cerberus ). Original minor characters include Shalua Rui, who would have a more important role in Dirge of Cerberus, include professor Rayleigh, a scientist who works in Shinra's science department and who appears in an early episode as a target of Avalanche, The Turks character and Cloud Strife must work together to protect her during this scenario

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