Thursday, November 1, 2007

Zell Dincht Profille

Same like other Final Fantasy VIII character, Zell also start his appearance (or maybe one and only appearance) in Final Fantasy VIII. Surely he is one of the most charismatic of the game. It has an impulsive nature that often leads him to combine some trouble.

Zell Dincht

Even just come in the group, during a mission, in front of the live camera, he tell that he is a SeeD of the Balamb Garden and this will lead the academy in grave danger.

He spent his childhood same as other character, after the end of the war with the witch, in Edea's orphanage, where at the age of 5 years was adopted by the family Dincht. In the game Zell live with the mother in a modest house of Balamb town and towards the end of the game we will finally see his room, he is very proud of it.

First meet with Zell in Balamb Garden

He studies at the Balamb Garden to become a brave warrior as was his grandfather. Here at the Garden, Zell known like two things which is loves the library and sandwiches at the table, so good that rarely succeeds in rimediarne someone. . Another sign is the odd tattoo that covers half the face.
Zell Room

Its only weapons are his fists and his dowry will be very convenient when you find all disarmed in Galbadia prison. Zell quickly became famous, thanks to his skill in martial arts and quite popular among girls. In fact, the girl Student in library of Balamb Garden is in love with him.
To combat he uses his fists and gloves to increase his ability to attack also some book to do some of new martial arts.

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