Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ifrit - Final Fantasy Game Mythology

Evreet or Ifrit was known as a mythology from Saudi Arabia which is the second genie from five Genies that have a very powerful power. He also have a high intelligence. From the myth this creature known have a giant body, and a very horrible face with fire as his blood. And from other story known that Evreet able to transform into any kind of human that he want. Although he isn't immortal but he can live for thousand of years.
But Efreet also able to wounded like a normal human. And known that the fire which burning as his blood at the end will burn himself also, and that will cause his death. The human also can catch this creature with a Talisman or any kind spells. Ifrit also known in Indian mythology as well. In Final Fantasy game he appear as a powerful summon in almost all series with his powerful skill "Hell Fire"