Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chimera - Final Fantasy Game Mythology

Chimera is one of monster that often appear in Final Fantasy series as powerful enemies that you must fight to continue the game. As long as I play Final Fantasy series, Chimera almost appear in all series. Visit this site to see complete Chimera appearance in Final Fantasy series.

But did you know that Chimera was taken from Greek Mythology as well? Some myth say that Chimera has family related with Hydra. Chimera also said as the mother of Sphinx, but on another story Chimera was created by Typhoon to revenge to Zeus. Some myth say that he have Lion head, Goat body, and has a dragon tail. But on some other myth say that he have three head which is Lion, Goat, and Dragon heads.

From the story Chimera also also able to cast fire from his mouth like a dragon and he like to eat humans. This make all Lycia's people live in danger. So the King of Lycia ask some of warrior to kill this creature. But most of them were dies because Chimera was very strong. Only one person could beat Chimera. That person is Bellerophon - a hero from Corinthia, he able to defeat Chimera because help from Pegasus, so he can attack Chimera directly from the sky.