Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pandora - Final Fantasy Game Mythology

Pandora also known in Greek Mythology as the first woman that appear on the earth also the one who bring all sadness, diseases, pain and miseries. Before that time human didn't know about pain, diseases and all kind of miseries, but one day the Gods give some test to Pandora and give her a black box with a very beautiful carvings and relics. And the Gods tell Pandora to never open the box whatever that happen.

But because Pandora's curious, she open the box and make all kind of miseries out and directly attacking all of mankind. But along with all miseries also come the opposite of them which is "Hope". Since than the world "Pandora's Box" spread all over Greek. In Final Fantasy VII, Pandora Box become one of Enemy Skill, and in Final Fantasy VIII, become the last place that visited by Squal and party before go to time compression which is "Lunatic Pandora"