Saturday, January 12, 2008

Behemoth - Final Fantasy Game Mythology

One of monster that often appear in Final Fantasy Series is Behemoth. Behemoth appear like a bull that have purple colored of all it's skin, have a great horn and also a little wing shaped in his back. This monster have a great power so you will be difficult to beat it if you don't have enough level.

But did you know that information about Behemoth was found on Bible ? Depend on the reference in the Bible, Behemoth is the largest creature in the world that created by the God in Sixth day world creation. And on another story Behemoth often related with Bahamut. The tales say that this two creature always fight and God punish and destroy them to save other live. They also mentioned will come back at Judgment Day or Ragnarok to fight one more time until the end. Btw, the word Behemoth was taken from Hebrew word (b'hemmah) that mean Beast.