Friday, January 18, 2008

Typhoon - Final Fantasy Summon Mythology

There are a lot of horrible creature in every Mythology. One of them is Typhoon, a giant creature shaped like a giant snake that able to shot fire from his eyes. Depend on the stories, he nominate himself as the king of the world because his great power. But there is one God that able to beat him which is Zeus. With his Lightning weapon Zeus beat him and became the ruler of the god. Zeus than take him to a prison below Mountain of Etna in Sisilia to make sure that he won't disturb anyone else. But before he lost he create a monster that have same attitude, Evils, and also has a great power. That monster is Chimera.

In Final fantasy series Typhoon appear as summon in Final Fantasy VII, but in this game Typhoon appear in a cute face and far from horrible shape.